why am i find myself in unlucky situation

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    why am i always find myself in unlucky situation?

    list of reason:-
    1> my thoughts r not thinking enough for betterment of mankind world

    2 >am i too much thinking about myself

    3>my actions r according to my worldr

    4>am i being selfish to world and my surrouding

    5>am i acting against god nature will

    6> guy help to list out possible reasons.
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  2. Idk what you just said tbh. But you are your worst enemy. That's my experience anyways.
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    There is an old Chinese story that is very interesting about a rice farmer who lived a very simple life. He had a small home and a few children. He had a small field of rice that was just enough to feed and provide for his family. And one day a herd of wild horses came running through the village and ran into his rice field and got stuck in the mud and they couldn’t get away so they were his.

    His neighbor came running over and said, “This is good news! Such good fortune! You are rich, this is amazing!” And the rice farmer said, “Good news, bad news, who knows?”

    And a few weeks later his son that was twelve years old decided to jump on one of the wild horses for a ride and very shortly the wild horse throws him off and he breaks his leg. The neighbor comes running over and says, “Oh no, this is such bad news!” And the farmer said, “Good news, bad news, who knows?”

    A week later a Chinese general is marching through his village with the army to go to war. And on this march to war going through villages, they would take every boy that was over ten years old that was healthy. So they took every boy in the village that was healthy except his son because he had a broken leg.

    The neighbor comes running over and says, “Yes! This is wonderful news, how lucky are we!” And the father replies, “Good news, bad news, who knows?”

    And that is the end of the story but that is how the dance is—who knows?


    Pessimist vs optimist.

    You're a sales person that sells shoes. You move to a new country and you discover that nobody wear shoes there.

    Are you discouraged because you think nobody will buy shoes in a country that doesn't wear shoes.... or are you excited because you see all the potential and opportunities??


    Are you focusing on all the things you don't have and aren't working?

    Are you grateful for what you do have and what is working?

    Lucky or unlucky is a state of mind. It's taking responsibility for how you choose to perceive and react towards your life.
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