Why am I interested in my ass now?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by oneperson, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. oneperson

    oneperson Fapstronaut

    It’s a whole neee battle now. I get an urge then feel the need to put something up my butt. I don’t get any pleasure from it st all. Why am I doing this? My NoFap journey just became more personal.
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  2. NuevaAmerican

    NuevaAmerican Fapstronaut

    My advice is to make a rule for yourself. Continue to shove things up your ass if you want to, but the new rule is that when you do it, you have to do it in public, like in front of your apartment building or in the lobby or something, so that you may be less likely to do it.
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  3. ClaudeDuval

    ClaudeDuval Fapstronaut

    Thats just the porn brainwashing you... Idk what you are watching but it must be related. You need to stop watching porn and clear your mind. My GF wanted to put stuff up my ass once due to all the weird porn she watched... lol I dont play that game. Get rid of the porn...
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  4. Did you see this done on a porn site? Maybe it’s just a reaction to that.
  5. GettingAGrip

    GettingAGrip Fapstronaut

    These are just porn urges. I've had some pretty weird ones too.
    Whatever you feel the need to do, don't do it man! Stay strong and good luck!

    That made me giggle.
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  6. Yeah, I think things are only supposed to come out of butts not in.
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  7. DemonSemen

    DemonSemen Fapstronaut

    Brain craving more and more stimulation as you become desensitized to “regular” stuff.

    Stop watching lorn, masturbating and putting stuff up your butt.
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  8. GA93JDeereboy

    GA93JDeereboy Fapstronaut

    You don't orgasim through your butt? Some people do. Stop PMO! That porn will work its way to even more crazy porn.
  9. GaryMayor

    GaryMayor Fapstronaut

  10. HereAndThere

    HereAndThere Fapstronaut

    Lol, that could of backfired so hard. Exhibitionism is a thing you know.

    Remove porn fist, then other things will go away.
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  11. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    At 151 days free hardmode pmo, it's one of the reasons I am here, and I'm going to let you know you can orgasm through your ass if you do it right I did multiple times. But I have to let you know though too, it is absolutely porn induced and I am free from porn I am free for masturbation sorry having extraordinary sex again with my wife yesterday. And that was the way that God intended with his design in mind that's the reality of life.
  12. GoPhonix

    GoPhonix Fapstronaut

    Well triggers for this kind of urge can be many. And yes the butt is near the nerve that are going to the penis and so forth and it is possible that when having a dump the pressure is associated with this release of the craved O. I do experimented with my butt to enhance the PMO and even payed for toy sex, etc. and it did add a edge… not proud of it, but based on the facts also not ashamed anymore. In the end it is junky style thinking how to enhance or in your case maybe how to get fix under the given rules– your brain is just creative and trys to produce options I assume – obviously the wrong once because the objective must be reset. And option they may come from stuff you have seen right. The brain is not one entity, it is a community and we have to through some members out of it. Just give damn who he is the creative junky is still a junky – Just redirect the creativity – best of luck man. I liked your post I guess this urge will hunt me soon no matter what ...

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