Why and when did someone tell you "You have changed"?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Newdawn930, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Newdawn930

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    Post that moment when people realized there something new with you :)
  2. Menace

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    i havent had that moment yet. hopefully in the coming months or years idk ;d

    But again, im not focused abt this matter much. i had whole of those thoughts when i was deep inside this vicious cyle of pmo. now im more focused abt myself and my goals in life!
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  3. Fighter84

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    Once somewhat recently, my wife noticed that I seemed more even keeled, not moody and brooding, not quick to take offense to everything or get argumentative. I felt it too. I was still a wreck of emotions but I wasn’t misplacing them like I used to.
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  4. FeelingFine

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    Nobody has told me I've changed. What's happened is that people are more respectful or fearful of me. In one circle of friends, two of them (brothers who are legit psychopaths, so we aren't really friends) wouldn't stop ripping on me for years. They're big guys (so am I) and took advantage of their strength in numbers. Now...they don't look me in the eye. You know there's a change when a f'n psychopath can't stare you dead in the eye (because that's what they do...it's a dominance thing for them). That's was the final confirmation of my change.
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