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Why are men more manly on old TV shows?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Moogie, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Moogie

    Moogie Fapstronaut

    Someone on YouTube says not to watch TV and movies older then the 1990s
  2. letter

    letter Distinguished Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Instead of pointing at feminism, the better way is to examine the things men did which led to the shift in societal perceptions. What I mean, is if you look at the issue by contrast, is that if men were being men as men should be then the issues which led to the shift may not have had opportunity to arise.

    It's like looking at a garden and saying, "it's full of weeds". Yes, that is true.
    But better yet is saying, "hmm, you know, we didn't have anything planted and the ground was bare. No wonder the weeds took root."

    There is a whole lot of fuzzy causality that would need to be meticulously studied to even begin to say this authoritatively, but look at the previous generations of men. In the past century, we've been through 2 major wars and seemingly countless smaller scale conflicts. I can't definitively link war to today's societal perspectives on gender, but for consideration, the previous generations which appear "manly" to us now also were grievously wounded by the traumas of war. Who knows how much that affected how we've lived, or how different things may be if we had never fought??

    Most men I know fall into 2 categories:
    a) Father was absent from their lives
    b) Father was physically present, but emotionally absent and/or abusive

    The cases where I see someone who had a father who actually was a father, in body and soul, to their children are the rare exceptions. I believe war and other factors played a role in that, and that trickled down to men not knowing how to be men.

    ergo; I believe the key in answering the question satisfactorily lies within us. It is something we as men can change. Change ourselves, change the world.

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