Why are my parents so anti alcohol

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Reuby, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Reuby

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    All my life I was so against alcohol because my parents raised me that way... Until I tried it myself.

    So for the first time on the weekend, I went out with my uni friends on a pub crawl. My parents let me go but were so so worried and made me promise to not get drunk... which I did.

    I can honestly say that I am a good and trustworthy son, study incredibly hard, and recently turned 20.

    My parents are so against the ideas of drinking more than one ore two drinks, going out more than occasionally, sleeping over at friends houses, hanging out with friends who like drinking, clubs, etc... All I want to do is have some fun. I have been so conservative all my life and just want to loosen up and be my own man. But I can't tell them this or they will freak the hell out, break down, and restrict me further. I don't want to lie to them either though.

    arhhgg : (
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  2. KS1994

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    I'm guessing out of protective instinct. Maybe themselves or other family members suffered consequences as a result of alcohol. If you don't want to deal with their drama, you are an adult. Just move out.
  3. Little Bo Peep

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    Except even if you are living there, you're bloody well 20 years old now... What are they going to do, ground you to your room? lol

    My mum was a raging alcoholic but luckily I never took to it, I hate the taste of any alcohol.
  4. I think you're in a better position to answer the question yourself.

    My parents didn't allow me to drink alcohol because my Mothers Father was an alcoholic. Now that I'm an adult I have rejected a number of things my parents taught me but I am tea total since I think there's too much of a risk in drinking alcohol. I've seen how destructive the drinking of alcohol can be for some people and since there was an alcoholic in my family I believe I would be at risk of becoming one myself if I took up drinking. I've got a PMO addiction and I don't want to get another addiction.

    I would add if you live under your parents' roof you should respect their wishes. Reading your post they sound reasonable since they didn't forbid you from drinking any alcohol. They asked for you to limit it to 1 or 2 glasses, that seems reasonable to me.
  5. Probably because there are a lot of issues that can stem from alcohol if you're not careful. Accidents, making stupid mistakes, drunk driving, acting stupid, getting sick and so on. I'm not condemning it, i'm just saying these could be some reasons why. Personally i don't drink because i don't like how it changes the way i act and think, but that's just me.
  6. Kick him out! Seriously if anyone is living with their parents as an adult they should behave live an adult not like a rebellious 13-year-old.
  7. Max Fisher

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    You forgot all the extra calories. I've been alcohol free for a month now because all the beer was making me fat. I'm mean I'm still fat but gaining at a much slower rate ; )
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  8. Yeah, it should be said that all the studies that say alcohol is good for you can't be completely trusted because they're funded by alcoholic companies.
  9. tweeby

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    Hip flasks, and breath mints FTW.
  10. Max Fisher

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    Unless you are a haggard detective hip flasks are not a good look...wait...are you a haggard detective? Or inspector for the UK crowd. Actually I don't know if they equate and I'm too lazy to look it up.
  11. Your parents may have gone through some awful experiences as well. My dad and his sister (my aunt) were orphaned at a very young age and had to go live with an alcoholic aunt and uncle. The stories he told about these two were horrific. His sister ended up running away at age 13 and my dad at age 15.

    As a result of his experience he became a big time tea totaler. To him, drinking any alcohol at all meant the person had a drinking problem. I realize now that his opinion was over the top but quite understandable.

    I dreaded and avoided alcohol because of the stories he'd tell. Then later I continued to have a negative opinion about it when I saw how it effected people during my time in the Navy. In my life now I'll have a glass of wine once in awhile when I'm on vacation and enjoying a nice restaurant. I enjoy the taste of Riesling and Moscato. It's a culinary treat when I'm on vacation. I probably have 5-6 glasses a year, if that. I never drink any other type of alcohol, no reason for it and I'm worried about what type of person I'd become if I did get into drinking often.
  12. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    I also hate alcohol... And I don't think your parents are wrong from their point of view.

    However everyone is free to do whatever they want, and being overly protective is a sure way to fail... So I think the desire to go against their wishes maybe a motivating factor in you wanting to get drunk. Take care... It's a thin line...

    Best Wishes
  13. Mr.Chips

    Mr.Chips Fapstronaut

    Indeed I salut your parents!
    Why you want to drink alcohol ? Is it healthy ? no. Is it cool ? I don't think so. Is it even tasty ?
    But is it harmful ? yes. addictive ? Yes. And a lot of times, it is unethical.
    Yes Alcohol has advantages and I would specify it with the medical advantages. else than that nope.
  14. Mr.Chips

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    Let's not deny it, Alcoholism has a lot of disadvantages over its advantages, it creates problems, I can't imagine what I would do if I drank.. that is worse than PMO to me.
  15. Reuby

    Reuby Distinguished Fapstronaut

    yes, this is somewhat true. When people tell me what to do I sometimes want to do the complete opposite.

    Its not that I want to go and get rolling drunk every weekend, more that I just want to do things without my parents putting restrictions on me and lecturing me on how everything will go wrong if I relax one bit.
  16. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    You are not your parents, it would be advisable to either 1) neglect to mention such occurrences or 2) move out
  17. wethebest

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    Let me tell you something very important. Go out more and drink if you want to.Your parents are restricting your free thinking process.

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