Why are people Blessed?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Re-Life2010, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. Re-Life2010

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    Honestly are some people blessed?

    I’m starting to believe people are just naturally blessed to be in relationships and have back ups whenever something goes wrong. Even people who have been dating they can turn to someone else right away like they didn’t matter at all.

    Is it all just a confidence game? Heart space? Or just being blessed? Im not sure what to think anymore.

    Especially people who have crazy sexual relationships I just don’t understand. How blessed they can be to have sex every day.

    I had a buddy like this and he bragged about having sex twice a day, I said to him why don’t you just do it three times?

    then he went on about it killing your sex drive..
  2. Atticus

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    Pros come with cons. Blessings come with curses.
  3. maybe not having sex everyday is a blessing too, you just need to look at it from a different perspective
    so in a way, we're all blessed!
  4. FirefromAbove

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    Having a lot of sex is bad for your heart.

    Source: My very traditional mom. I believe her. She's based.

    It could be a very toxic relationship.

    From what I've experienced, there are some people who are blessed to be born on the top of the mountain, but most of us are born at the base and have to climb. This isn't a bad thing, because we actually earn what we get.
  5. SickSicko

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    My chinese medicine teacher approves this message.
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  6. Re-Life2010

    Re-Life2010 Fapstronaut

    I agree, it's a special connection, but as so I feel some of my past buddies had a relationship for this, so they could whenever they wanted to.
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  7. Imagine advertising your sex life to others! How much validation do these folks need?
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  8. Re-Life2010

    Re-Life2010 Fapstronaut

    Apparently allot of people need "Validation", not sure if this is regarded to low self esteem as well in the process, being out of control with sex.

    One of my co workers also brags that he's engaging in sex whenever he wants. I'm really sick hearing stories. But one thing that I do know, might be a low self esteem issues like I said earlier.
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  9. Have you told them how it makes you feel or have no desire to?
  10. Re-Life2010

    Re-Life2010 Fapstronaut

    I have not told them, whatever they want to tell they can.
  11. Some people want validation for their empty lives. So they brag about superficial things like sex, drugs, and money.
  12. Having a lot of sex is not what makes you blessed. You would just chase an empty thrill

    Blessing is being of a good health, first and foremost. You take your eyes, ears, legs, arms and so on ... for granted. Imagine you woke up one day, you couldn't walk or run ! Or if you couldn't see, or hear or both ! Some people can't do that and yet some of them found happiness in their life, that takes a lot of courage.

    I bet there's at least one blessing you can count if you try, but you're blinded to think that empty thrills are blessings.

    I have a friend that tends to have similar lifestyle, things like that used to bother me before ...now i am quite happy with leading the life i have, part of it is due to fact i rebooted before but one part of it i came to learn a lot of things about myself.

    I get up, make myself something to eat, then i go plinking with my pellet rifle, could go to a gun range shoot my guns, imma drive my old car while listening to some good ass funk, maybe meet up with a friend, or play a videogame then talk to my gf at the end of the day - simple day, but damn ...life feels good, not every day goes the way i want to but that's alright it always finds a way back

    Trust me fam, having plenty of sex with tons of people around just gives you more frustrations and emptiness. Sooner you realize it, you will feel better about yourself
    People who indulge in these kinds of lifestyles never tell you the other side of story...
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  13. I'm blessed to have my 1 room apartment. Some people feel cursed while they live in a huge house.
    It depends on how you look at things and how normal/healthy your standards are.
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  14. bestme996

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    I don't believe in blessings, everything is random
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