why are so many hardcore christians in this forum?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by meagainsttheworld, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I do not know....may be NOFAP is a missionary conversion movement......as Non christians are going to hell LOL...or may be Christians are more addicted to PMO........I like Jesus but I donot like people who donot know any thing about my views/religion and want to convert me...to a Christian or a Muslim or a Athiest Or aThiest or jdhjcjxbjd ........I am a Human and let it be..... If you believe in something believe.....do not try to force other people into it.....
    PS: Not every Christian Or Muslim Or Athiest Or Thiest Or jdhjcjxhjd is like that..........
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  3. As someone pointed out on another thread it should be expected for many Christians to be on a forum like this. Not all Christians are the same. I would consider myself to be a cynical/doubtful/liberal Christian and have no interest in converting anyone. If anyone wants to discuss theology with me I would be more than happy to do so but I'm not going to force you to do so.
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    Because they're still alive!!!
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    Because there're many hardcore Atheists in this forum.
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    Because growing up they were taught sex was a bad thing not a part of normal healthy development.
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    The Christians on this forum are here because they are porn addicts trying to quit with the help of an online community.
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    Probably because we're all human and addiction doesn't care about your sexual orientation, creed, race, or political view points. Addiction is all about equality and inclusivity. If it was a company or person it would be praised for its progressive stance. :p:D
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    I know what you mean but why wouldn't someone be 'hardcore' about his religion? I mean if you believe in some transcendent being who created everything shouldn't you be pretty serious about it? What sense would it make to be nonchalant about it?

    A lot of society is still Christian. Naturally I'd expect then a lot of many groups to contain Christians. I think when dealing with addictions religion is often helpful. AA famously suggests believing in some sort of higher power to help lead you out of your addiction.

    Also it might be that Christians are going to be more concerned with PMO since it is (or was) generally considered wrong whereas increasingly society seems to say it is acceptable or even good.
  10. Eh, religious people in general are more concerned about PMO because a lot of religions can be pretty harsh about breaking rules. Atheists and more secular minded religious folk might think about PMO addiction more in terms of how it affects them right now, as opposed to worrying about going to hell.

    Not really crazy about religion myself, I think family is a better motivator but whatever works for you, I guess.
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    Moral behavior in Christianity is about much more than avoiding hell. Evangelical morality is supposed to be the natural result of evangelical teachings - in other words - our actions are a reflection of our hearts and the story of Christ is supposed to change our hearts from their natural selfish state into one which is more concerned with the well being of others.

    A Christian's actions are supposed to be selflessly concerned with the well being of all people in the present and the future, as a result of the change of perspective the faith brings to us.

    Yeah, I know it often doesn't seems that way when you see some Christian with a sign that says God hates whatever or screaming about hellfire this and that - but - its the ideal.

    In this spirit - I wish you all the best and hope all of you are able to overcome your porn related problems, whatever your beliefs may be. It's not only us that are affected by porn, but those people on the screen and everyone in our lives.


    P.S. - if you want to see less religious posts - don't make threads like these - we Christians can't keep our mouths shut when we see them.;)
  12. I think a better theoretical question would be - why there are so few atheist in this forum? Christians have their own reasons to want to quit porn and fapping, apart from it being just an addiction. But what's unfortunate is that most atheists don't even know that it's bad for them, cos they are ignorant on science of this. And if they are not they don't take it very seriously. Only when addiction hits them in the face with a hammer they will wake up.
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    "Hardcore" Christians are in these forums because we're trying to be more like Christ, and part of that includes getting help to abstain from PMO. We recognize that we can't live up to our God-given potential if we're jerking off to porn for four hours a day. Do we believe porn is sinful? Yes, of course, and obviously that's part of it, but I think it's less about being worried about hell (Christians are heaven-bound by grace, whether they PMO all day or not), and more about using our lives to glorify God as much as possible.

    To the comment about 'hardcore Christians' ... it's only in western culture that we have cultural Christians: those who claim to be Christian, but don't regularly attend church or follow any "rules" of Christian behavior. They usually can't tell you why they're Christian, except maybe to say, "because that's how I was raised." They may have strong opinions about issues like abortion or same-sex marriage, but can't explain why they have those opinions except to say, "because the Bible says ..."

    Jesus expected hardcore Christians. Christianity, by nature, is radical.

    I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.
  14. I don't want to start an argument but if they do PMO all day and don't stop and don't genuinely ask for forgiveness, they aren't going to heaven. PMOing all day and asking for forgiveness would be abusive of grace.
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    I think OP is asking why there's such a disproportionate amount of religious members on here, as opposed to other secular forums you may see.

    I have a bunch of christian friends and a trend I've been seeing is the sexual repression that they struggle with. I get that you wanna stay celibate and all, but the average male today isn't getting married until 29. It's probably a little lower for christians, but I don't really get how you expect to stay celibate through such a large portion of your prime without any sort of release. It's really not shocking that so many of them get turned to porn
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    Very fair clarification. You're absolutely correct. I didn't mean to imply that we can sin with impunity and without repentance and still be saved.
  17. LavaMe

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    I can see why you'd say this. But as @Icarium points out for Christians it isn't just about Heaven or Hell. Even if it is what we do right now makes a difference for that.

    Also, there are plenty of Christians who are possibly presumptive about being saved despite engaging in certain sins. I think broadly speaking the fear of Hell isn't as much a motivation as you might think for many. There is even, in my opinion, not as much strong condemnation of sexual sin in the common modern experience.

    From my point of view I think religion is too quickly dismissed. I believe in only one true faith, but there are elements of truth in many different religions. Even if you don't believe in a particular religion I think many have some good advice for how to live a good life. And following them can keep you from having to discover on your own why something is bad for you. I mean Christianity was saying PMO isn't good for you long before science was able to demonstrate it.
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    Confessing and repenting are basic core christian beliefs. NoFap is not christian, but is a good forum where a Christian can repent and confess and find acceptance and encouragement.
    My deeper question is, "Why aren't more churches more like NoFap?"
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    Go to 100 atheists and ask them whether they think masturbation is harmful or negative in any way.

    Now go to 100 Christians and do the same.

    Which group has more people thinking it's harmful/bad in some way? Obviously the answer will be the Christian group. Hence, you have one reason why a large number of Christians would visit this forum and similar sites.

    Then you have the taboo aspect. Anyone familiar with prohibition (whether of alcohol in the early 20th century, or of drugs in current times, or of certain foods/treats/activities by your parents when you were a child) will know that the moment you restrict something or tell people not to do it, the urge to do it increases, and more people end up doing it. So people exposed to religious teachings that warn against the likes of masturbation etc and say that it is a sin or taboo, are actually more likely to be inclined to try it out for themselves, and develop a bad habit around it.

    The best way to convince people that something is worth doing is to tell them that they must not do it at all costs.

    So naturally plenty of Christians have undergone that experience and now later in life have become wiser, regret their decisions, and want to make a positive change.

    Those are just my thoughts anyway as an outside observer.
  20. Because Christians are more likely to feel guilty about their destructive behaviours. Not only because it's harmful to themselves but because it's against their faith. Which is likely to give them extra motivation to quit.

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