Why are some people better than others at abstaining from pmo? (poll)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by brilliantidiot, Apr 22, 2019.

Why are some people better than others at abstaining from pmo?

  1. more willpower

  2. more motivation

  3. has to do with individual situation (ie, some have more free time to be tempted)

  4. better memory

  5. better accountability and/or partner

  6. other

  7. level of addiction/genes

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  1. EthanW.

    EthanW. Fapstronaut

    I think there is a reason for the diversity inherent in the NoFap community model: There are a plethora of varying reasons for one to have a desire to begin overcoming a PMO addiction, and these reasons effect physical, emotional, psychological, economic, political and moral attributes all in different ways.

    For me, I started out with a killer motivation that stemmed from an intimate aspect of my personal life; but that fell through. So, I reorganized the motivation around being accountable to the NoFap community; but that fell through, too. I tried attuning the motivation to becoming a more grounded, well-rounded person, à la the "monk man" lifestyle; but no dice. I tried the simple "eat right/exercise/cold shower/study the stock market/learn to code" mentality, but I become bored and complacent, slipping back into old habits.

    No routine, no rationalizion and no philosophical perspective would keep me from PMO. I kept hitting reset. In the end, what turned everything around was meeting a person -- entirely without my actively seeking to find her -- who made my goals in life much more clear. I found real love. I found someone who I could never stand to hurt with my addiction. I also found a calling after God. I reoriented my worldview to align with a greater moral mandate than what I was capable of constructing for myself.

    Together, this physical motivation of caring for another human being, and the spiritual weight of responsibility in remaining clean for a religious design and purpose, inspires me on a daily basis to reject and rebuke the sexual perversion that would otherwise lure me into a life of bitterness, anger and, worse of all, hopelessness. I encourage everyone never to stop seeking after -- and fine-tuning -- motivations to help you overcome the burdens and obstacles before you. It is only a matter of good timing before you find that thing that pushes you beyond anything you thought was possible.
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  2. Raphael Pereira

    Raphael Pereira Fapstronaut

    They follow rulles, without rulles, you can never reprogram your brain.

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