Why are there people in denial about COVID-19?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Anonymous86, Mar 26, 2020.

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    I'm absolutely frightened by the world implications and question my freedoms. I'm in the U.S., btw.
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    We live in a pressure cooker society. The idea of a deadly virus adds additional stress and when we can't handle any more it seems people go into an "ignorance is bliss" state of mind. Though, intentional ignorance is one of the deadliest mentalities in a pandemic.
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  3. Learn the science, the facts. Fear less, know more.
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    Far more scary than the virus are the implications on society once this all blows over. As time goes on, new research is appearing that suggests the response to coronavirus was far overblown; not to say that there should have been no response, or even a drastic one, but it appears total lockdown was quite unneccessary. Read science papers instead of media headlines, and trust me, you will be far less anxious.
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    I workout everyday, I eat healthy, and I am sure a lot more people need to do the same. This virus has ruined my part time business for sure. If everyone practiced healthier habits from the start, this wouldn't have been happening. As it happens idiots ruin everything in this world. No matter how much you try to better yourself, you can't escape the idiocy.
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    Case and point.
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  7. People who fight emerging diseases for a living (and experts) will point out three steps to stopping an outbreak: 1) find it fast, 2) devise a rapid and accurate diagnostic test 3) stop the spread/quarantine as fast as you can with all methods available.
    Read about SARS, Ebola, Avian and Swine Flu, Zika and Smallpox. Then come back and post exactly how many people should allowed to be infected? I love all my fellow FAPsters; AND, if science papers could help us how we are safe from this? To overreact is essential and required. When you actually know and see and watch people die like I do, seeing their pain, sorrow, agony. 18 year olds dying in England and here (with no previous health problems) with mothers and fathers who might disagree with your point of view. I’ve taken care of 20 year old men who died of the REGULAR flu. Believe me, I want it to end yesterday. But it doesn’t discriminate, it is killing the young ... whether it kills you or not ... it is out there. It may kill me, and I accept that risk as part of my profession and cause in life. But I will fight with all my skills to keep it from killing you — regardless — And I don’t want any more patients. Stay safe and be well.
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    It's serious enough that US military branches are suspending mission critical training, or basic training graduation altogether. For a militant force that is already overworked since 9/11, that's pretty substantial.

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