Why Are You a Christian?

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Why are you a Christian and not a follower of another religion or an atheist?
    What is it about Christianity that convinces you that it's true?
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  2. Timeon

    Timeon Fapstronaut

    Being a Christian is a term that is used loosely as religion was created by man to segregate what they want to believe on.
    For me having a relationship with God is not a religion as I do not consider myself religious. I can not earn my way to heaven/salvation and the only way is Jesus Christ. I accept that Jesus died for me and I am saved by grace. Therefore I am a child of God.
  3. alansthebest

    alansthebest Fapstronaut

    i see it as a RELATIONSHIP with christ, and wanting to follow him
  4. Run_Like_Joseph_Did

    Run_Like_Joseph_Did Fapstronaut

    You analyze, look at the logical consistency in their theology and faith to see if it adds up. Also, Christianity has the absolute perfect understanding of human nature and I don;t see any way how the writers of the bible could have gotten even half of all of that right if they weren't inspired by God Himself.
    I am a lowly, depraved, useless sinner before God. I brake the Ten Commandments on a daily basis and fail at every turn to do otherwise. It was God who picked me up to turn me into something worth anything. Being as depraved as human's can be I feel certain that I couldn't have done it by myself.
  5. Well my friend you made a great question, what makes us follow Christ? The love for Jesus Christ! The one who came to help me in the hour of darkness, the promise of always being there, and the Bible the Book that explains our world around us and the future to come. Most religions preach good works, things to do, also images of all kinds of material from earth our God in Christianity is spirit, he doesn't want works its for free, he is the one who builds the work that will be done in you. All religions promise's if you be good, follow this, you maybe saved or go to heaven or reincarnate, etc. Christianity says you may know this day that you will be in heaven and have eternal life. Also there is no way as the higher way, all power in this world comes from 2 places God and the devil. Christianity has a power that no force can touch holy holy holy our God Almighty, miracles, demons, governments, people, animals, winds, storms, seas all forces in this world bend in Jesus Christ our God made flesh. He is the WAY, he is TRUTH, he is the LIGHT. Hallelujah
  6. Fanchman

    Fanchman Fapstronaut

    The essence of Christianity is the fact that God sent His son in the form of a man to be sacrificed for our sins, to pay the penalty for the sins of all mankind. In Him we have a true redeemer. He is the ultimate and perfect example of complete selflessness, He came to do the will of the Father, to serve mankind by also showing us how to serve each other! The willingness to give our lives for each other is the highest form of service we can perform, and Christ exemplifies this. He also shows us how to bear suffering for a righteous cause!
  7. AnnYungYung

    AnnYungYung Fapstronaut

    I want truth and love.
    In fact, I want God.
    That is why I believe Jesus Christ.
  8. I fell in love with Jesus from the Gospels, and then I found Him outside the literature as well.
    He is REAL man!

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