Why baptism is fucked

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  1. Lol I wasn't planning on it
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    Infant baptism only means anything in Catholicism. It isn't biblical. And you're not obligated to blindly worship anything that you don't want to worship--at least, not as an adult. Parents have a right (and, as I see it, an obligation) to raise their children in a particular faith, but once that child is an adult (I don't mean legally--I mean at an age when they can discern and think about spiritual matters on their own terms), then they can choose to believe whatever they like.
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    So, it's not so much the baptism, but your being born into a family with a particular religion, right? With little rewording the story could easily be restated as follows:

    I was born into a religious family when i was a baby. Now, the Catholic religion has decent morals and its relatively not dangerous (in a physical manner, mentally is another discussion). So im not mad or angry about my family religion but the whole process seems a little fucked, thats all.I'm a baby. I have EXTREMELY limited cognitive thought processes and can't really think for myself or make a big decision like decidimg what religion to go into. I didnt even have a chamce to explore (or know about) other religions. Hell, i didnt even know about my religion or i was being brought up in my family religion for that matter.
    You're tricked when you get born. You get thrown into whatever religion your parents decide and (ideally) you blindly worship that religion until the day you die. & the idea is you then enter this other dimension of "life" aka "afterlife" to take away at the fact that your life ha a good chance of just being non-existent after death. Now for the religious extremists on here. For argument sake, lets ssy you're a devoted catholic and youre a die-hard who belives the bible is in a literal fashion. For those, they have a lowkey attitude of "Other religions are wrong. Jesus loves me personally." Now what if when you were a baby you were thrown into the hinduism religion. Wouldnt you want to make your own decision on important manners such as this? Seems a little barbaric. If i have kids, I'm waiting until they're 23-25 yo (deoending on guy and girl) so they can make their own decisions like an accrual human being does inn the real world. You know... decision-making and such.

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  4. It can interpreted whichever way helps you most
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    Not so much about what helps me, I was just trying to parse further a bit at what the real core issue is. Probably closer now, but I sense there's probably more to it still, that is, if one really wants to respect and take the post seriously.

    BTW, now that you're an adult, what religion or belief system or lack-of-belief system did you end up choosing for yourself?

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    That quote to Romans is very much on point. My opinion is that baptism is a matter of entering a community. in this case for the child to have the opportunity to grow in a certain religious district while having all of the advantages it brings with it. Baptism I would consider to be a formality rather than an spiritual act.
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    Parents make choices for their children. As others have pointed out, a child is just as likely to hate their parents for not baptizing them as they are for baptizing them. Parents have every right in the world to impose their beliefs on their children.
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  9. When I was 14 I was baptized. My parents refused to take me to Church and are ardent Athiests. I walked miles and ran across a busy freeway to get to my Church, almost always after my parents insulted my belief system, my father being particularly vocal about it. My father actually thought me strange for my abstinence from sex, and for my lack of substance use. I personally requested to be baptized, and it is one of my foundational religious memories. I wouldn't pressure my future children into it, and believe they should wait until the age of reason (7-8) but they would have my unconditional support.
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    you are taking it too seriously. Is not like you are forever bound to a religion when you are baptised. I got baptised and I am the biggest atheist of my household and possibly the world. I don't even believe in Santa Claus.
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  11. Currently exploring. But rn deism
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    Wow, just like Ben Franklin or some of our other founding fathers. What may become of you could be quite astounding? You might even evolve beyond their limited preconceptions.
  13. You want to baptize your child? Go for it! You want to not baptize your kid and teach them it’s all relative? Go for it! Either way, you’re forcing your beliefs on your child, which is fine! It’s a parents right to raise their children how they see fit and it’s completely logical for parents to make choices for their children who are unable to make them for themselves.

    So, Baptizing your child can be said to be as fucked up as not baptizing them. Actually that’s not true since if you’re wrong and there is an after life according to Christianity then you’re at least bettering your child’s chances. :p:D

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