Why can’t I just run away

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by johnmicormick, Dec 3, 2019 at 9:53 PM.

  1. johnmicormick

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    Get out of here, start a new life. There just isn’t anything here, shit is stupid
  2. WackinWolf

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    I think about starting a new life a lot too, life is just never ending hurdles though. Even though I think about starting a new life I realize that it's just a different place with different obstacles. Life is really just the hardest test of them all I suppose.
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  3. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    I can understand your frustration.

    I had a chance to run away to Arizona back in '99 when I had a VERY rough patch in life. It seemed like there weren't any options for me to stick around. It seemed to me that I had not only burned the bridge but the pilings as well.

    But fortunately I was advised that running away from problems isn't the answer. Stick around, address the problems, and mature through the adversity. Things did make a turn for the better and I'm glad I didn't run.

    When we run away from problems we are just taking a damaged personality along with us.

    We need to work through problems and mature.

    *****Moving away and starting a new life is fine when the timing is right, at the appropriate juncture, and in the correct season.*****

    But if a person is running away solely to get away from problems then there's an issue there that can lead to a pattern of immature behaviors.
  4. Infrasapiens

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    And I raaaaan
    I ran so far a awaaaaay
    I just raaaaan
    I ran all night and daaaaay

    I couldn't get away.
  5. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    Lots of meaning with this last line.

    We can’t run away from the biggest problem in our lives.

  6. onceaking

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    One step at a time. It's good to have a big goal but we need to figure out what the next step will be. I found this podcast helpful because they interviewed Eleanor Longden. She's a woman who has voices inside her head, it almost ruined her life by causing her to drop out of university, become depressed and bedridden but, she was able to do something with her life by doing one small thing at a time (like getting out of bed and talking to her parents) and building on it. Eventually, she went back to university and got her Bachelors degree and then got a PhD.

    If you prefer to watch videos here's her TED Talk:

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