Why can't we establish forums within the groups?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Bearish, May 17, 2017.

  1. Bearish

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    I'm really getting fed up with losing my posts when I try to add a comment or something in the groups because it's more than 255 characters or I've posted twice in a minute or whatever. There's a tab for forums there, but there's no way to add a new one. What's that about?
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  2. Alexander

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    You can, the group admin has to create them.
  3. LavaMe

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    I didn't realize there was even a forums tab. I'm using an iPad mostly with landscape orientation. When in this orientation the forums menu item gets put into a menu drop down. In portrait mode it displays. So because I didn't explore very well I didn't know about forums.

    Events is before forums in the menu. Would it be possible to move forums before events? If not is there some way to make it more obvious? This is just an idea. Maybe others use events and it is important to them. But I was thinking forums may be more important typically.

    Also for a group I'm in when you select forums it then has what I assume is a list of forums. So to get to the forum you'd need to click another link. The group only has one, sadly unused, forum. If there is only one forum would it be possible to have the forums menu item just go to that forum?

    Thanks for an excellent website and all you folks do to make it so.
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