Why cant we introverts fit in this society?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vijay5610, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Vijay5610

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    I have been introvert all my life and felt its ill effects
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  2. DGZ

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    Are you introverted or just shy? Introversion and extroversion are intrinsic traits, but anyone is able to overcome shyness and become confident. Introverts aren't socially awkward, they just don't like company as much as extroverts do. It's possible to be a shy extrovert or a confident introvert.
  3. Vijay5610

    Vijay5610 Fapstronaut

    I am shy introvert i like to be alone always
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  4. selfimprovement8008

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    well heres the thingh we all have strenghts and weaknesses society is more inclined to extroverts because the extroverts know how to communicate with the world more effectively because all they d is talk socialize but the have one major flaw usually they cant stay alone for a reasonable amount of time they need to be active almost 75 to 85 percent of the time ( generally) while us introverts need to be alone more and we have a hard time adjusting to societies social demands at times.

    Learning how to socialize generate social skills ( by learning about them) then internalizing them and then applying them slowly and taking a look every now and then to see for improvemtn should be the edge you need to be more social. try to not be alone for a few hours on a given day of the week small goals then big goals
  5. At the end of the day if you're around the right people, you won't be so shy. If you feel pressured to be more social, you may be in the wrong circles. In East Asia, for example, it's not uncommon for a group of friends to actually TAKE TURNS speaking. I remember jumping in once and my wife telling me off. As a red blooded American, I was flabbergasted. But that's how they do. And when in Rome...
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  6. No difference both types are looking for validation allot of the times .
    Extroverts seek attention externally and introverts seek attention passively . It is a
    distraction to your self, when I get caught up in this sicological mess I just look at myself and do what ever the hell I want or is needed.
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  7. Ko 44 c HPM

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    The reason we introverts don't fit in very well is that the society we live in is formed by human interaction. Extroverts interact with other people more. Yada yada, society is built by and for extroverted people. I don't think it's a bad thing, though. I get to sit in my room alone and they get to hit the club. Sounds like a win-win to me.
  8. If you like to be alone then it sounds like you should be having a great time, right?
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  9. Definition is vague, what main qualities you think make you introverted?
  10. Minsc

    Minsc Fapstronaut

    Describe the ill effects.
  11. Vijay5610

    Vijay5610 Fapstronaut

    Society treats us like aliens and feel they have every right to abuse us
  12. I think your mindset is too negative. Introverts are incredibly important and valuable to the world. We have skills and preferences that extroverts don't, and the world needs that. There are plenty of very important, valuable career options that extroverts would absolutely hate, but introverts thrive in. You just have to find your space. Having the mindset that you will never belong in this world will be your downfall if you let it. If you believe that's true, you will make it true for you. But it doesn't have to be the case.
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  13. Vijay5610

    Vijay5610 Fapstronaut

    I think i have not still found that sucess to which u are reffering
  14. Minsc

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    Some people, not every one. Find your people and don't worry to deeply about the rest. Set goals and keep moving forward in improving your life. We can not set your success, be us an introvert or extrovert. Learn to be confident and sociable introvert. Your whole life is ahead of you, it's not a race. No need to pretend being an extrovert. Honestly, I don't concern myself too much about being and introvert or extrovert. Step back and observe. Read stories of people on here and elsewhere. Listen to conversations out in the world. See what's going on. Find what you are drawn to. This is what I do.
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  15. Society?
    Society is made of people.

    Give us some examples of how "Society" abuses you?
  16. Well most of us haven't. That's not an introvert thing, that's a human thing. Plenty of extroverts haven't found "success" yet either.
  17. I also think there is some danger in identifying too strongly with the whole "introvert" thing, because you might be starting to make excuses for bad behavior because you're an "introvert."

    For example, if you find yourself in a position where you need to get a job, and you sit at home not going out and filling out applications because "I'm an introvert, so I don't like to go out," that's not being an introvert, it's being lazy. Extroverts also have to do things all the time in life that they aren't comfortable with. That's life.
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  18. Minsc

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    Introvert, extrovert.
    Winner, loser.
    Shy, sociable.
    Unconfident, confident.

    Throw that nonsense out the window. Work on being the best one can be in the given moment. Learn from the past, live in the present, look to the future. Some days will be great, others will be a pain in the ass.
  19. Yes because introverts are weak and extroverts are strong (that is the perception)
    So my question is why would you want to fit into this society? It's not made for you. They are strong and you are weak. Why would you expect them to accomodate your introversion?
    Either learn to become an extrovert or accept the world for what it is.
    I'm an introvert as well so believe me I understand. I've just accepted that their world isn't meant for me and that there's much better ways to live without having to constantly fight your own nature
  20. SuperPowers

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    It's not because you're introverted, you have other issues, like social anxiety.

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