Why cant we introverts fit in this society?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vijay5610, Nov 13, 2019.

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    'Introverts' are indeed scared of speaking up, in my case anyway, I know that I'm a sensitive guy so if I ever got laughed at it would hurt me more than your average person. I'm also not that big, so I'm kinda backing off of arguments. Well this my todays thinking anyhow. I think when I was a kid I probably had similar thoughts, just wasn't aware of it or couldn't explain it, because you know, you're not fully developed. But it hurts your confidence and outspokenness in the long term. I did have a large period of time that I WAS outspoken, until shit hit the fan.

    Anyway it's basically avoiding arguments with stronger bigger people than you - from an evolutionary and survival point of view logical. In todays world, it's partly logical, since we got laws and stuff. But that doesn't mean our brains, biologically, have changed along with society. Essentially, we're still the same human being we are thousands of years ago. Well, this is the case for me anyway.

    I do admit that I also tend to overstretch the situation in my mind. This is due to past events which weren't exactly fun and my trust in people has severely damaged. I quickly tend to think that any simple argument could lead to violence (which has actually happened to me). And I've learned people you're supposed to be able to trust will turn your back on you and go to extremes to make your life miserable.

    Introversion (if that's a word) has in my opinion indeed an underlying cause. You're scared of something, traumatized perhaps, and you don't dare to speak up anymore. It needs to be addressed. Something like self-defence sports could help.
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    Just deal with it. That is what I do.
  3. Oh good call!
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    They do. But they don't consider themselves being accepted in the society. They are others who really have a hard time fitting in the society like the physically disabled people, people from LGBT community, people who have met accidents which totally destroyed their faces..

    Those are real problems..

    If one just whine about their problems when they have everything.. there is no end to it.
    You start whining and then another one joins you and then another one..

    You got a problem.. think in a way to solve that problem.. bec many people got that problem.. so learn from them and help them to help yourself..
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    Search on internet.. you'll find thousands of introverts on leading positions in the world..
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    Tbh if you don’t like being an introvert and feel it’s ill effects why not pursue becoming an extrovert (for a change). Try talking to a person. Start with a simple greeting, and don’t even think about it too much. In conclusion dont be afraid to try something new. We won’t be there physically to motivate you to do things 24/7. Your pretty much gonna have to take some risks.

    But if you still wanna remain an introvert that’s up to you.
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    This is the best post
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    There's nothing wrong with being an introvert. The problem is when you lack confidence, and remember that there are many extroverts that lack confidence as well.
  9. Introversion is a word, and it’s not something that changes or needs to be fixed with folks that are introverted. We don’t have a problem, we just work differently than extroverts do so to suggest there’s an underlying cause isn’t true.

    Now you can be a shy extrovert as well as a shy introvert, but you can never become one or the other as there’s a huge difference in the brains wiring between the two. Some people may think because they’re shy or nervous that they’re introverted, but that’s just a stereotype and not always true.
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    My thoughts align more with introverts extroverts dont seem to understand me

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