Why dating apps during a reboot SUCK!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Rebootman123, Sep 11, 2021.

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    Dating apps are a terrible idea when you’re going through a reboot.
    • You’ll see plenty of ‘triggering’ photos as you swipe through.
    • It puts you in a kind of dopamine chasing frame of mind, keeping you hooked on the app, trying to see and match with the most beautiful women that you can. This frame of mind makes it more likely that you’ll say “fuck it” and relapse.
    • It can lead to sexual frustration if you’re seeing so many attractive women and aren’t able to match with them/get a response. Which leads to stress, which can lead to relapse.
    • In any case, it’s an easy way out when it comes to finding a partner. It won’t help your confidence that much compared to actually approaching and building rapport with women in real life.
    • My last two relapses were caused by dating apps - just saying!
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    Personally, dating apps have helped me reboot, but I can agree that it's risky. If you rely fully on dating and relationships to get over PMO, then...you'll have a difficult time not relapsing after a breakup! To prevent that, always remember that you are doing this for you, not just for your potential partner. Having a accountability partner also helps.
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