Why did you decided to quit PMO?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Foxhole, Nov 16, 2018.

How NoFap helped you

  1. I heard about NoFap, so i realised i have a problem and I decided to quit

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  2. I realised i have a problem so i decided to quit and I discovered NoFap then

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  3. I knew i have a problem, but i decided to quit after i found NoFap

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  1. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    Hi my fellow dudes (and dudettes). Here is a question i wanted to ask for a really long time. When you realise you have a problem? Why you decided to quit? And did NoFap make you change your mind about P?
    I asked because me myself am not sure why i decided to quit. I knew Nofap before i realized i have a problem for some time but i never dealt with it. And suddenly one day I decided to stop, sign up here and i just did it and im not sure why i decided to do it. (But Im massively happy i did).
    So what about you?
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  2. outlander.9

    outlander.9 Fapstronaut

    I have known for some time that porn use is ultimately a negative and had heard about this, but kinda just kept on with it out of habit. But eventually I found out I had PIED and no ifs ands or buts about it, I had to do something.
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  3. YesIMpossible

    YesIMpossible Fapstronaut

    If something turns a brilliant topper boy into an average one....takes away his confidence and he cant feel any emotion, doesnt matter how hard try, he cant cry when he wants to.
    Then the guy has no choice but to turn that something into nothing.
    That something is PMO.
    And i m that guy.
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  4. MikeM444

    MikeM444 Fapstronaut

    Before I knew about the NoFap community (however I did hear about "nofap November" via Facebook) I did my own research out of curiosity. I found so many different claims and opinions when I did a google search on semen retention and abstaining from porn, everything from "it's broscience" to "man I was so productive and clear-headed, it changed my life".
    So I tried it for one week about a year ago and had some amazing results, but it was an off and on experiment, my brain was still very addicted to PMO.
    I had several reasons for doing NoFap, Im 28, been living in a new state for 7 years, I've been single for 7 years, I had depression and anxiety, loneliness, I seemed to have trouble socializing with people, had a hard time focusing...I felt like I was just an abnormal freak, which seemed odd to me because throughout my teens I had a girlfriend, I had a fairly large circle of friends, I was proactive in my interests....something didn't seem right, something was missing. But sure enough, I realized I never had a smartphone in my teens. I never even had a cell phone until 18, my first smart phone was when I was 20. That's when I had the power to look up porn at night, whenever I wanted. So that's how I discovered PMO has been one of the hugest burdens of my life.
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  5. Saint Augustine

    Saint Augustine Fapstronaut

    I found out about NoFap about 9 months before I decided to quit. I'd never been happy doing PMO, but recently (a month ago), I had a particularly bad bout. With mounting responsibilities in life, I'd had enough of wasting time and money on this addiction. I knew it was time to end. So I signed up to NoFap and began the journey. It's going quite well so far.
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  6. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    I did PMO consistently through high school and didn't have any interactions with girls below the belt to learn I had a problem. Got into some really intense and not great stuff, including hardcore P, sP, and alternative styles of masturbation. When I had my first sexual contact in college, I could not get fully hard and could not hold it for very long. Knew I had a problem then, but didn't think it was permanent or its extent. Continued PMOing, especially for three months in the summer where I had my own room and lots of alone time; really sank into a deeper hole then, especially into sP. Somehow, thank the Lord, a sP website mentioned NoFap, since people in that fetish are looking to not cum (not for the same reasons as people on this site though, if you know you know, if you don't know then even better, seriously don't go looking), and use tips found on NoFap. I was browsing through NoFap, and what I had in that sexual encounter sounds a lot like what was being described on the site. I had heard of DE, but thought it could be cured very quickly if I just spent more time with girls. When I stumbled into the sP Recovery Group, I realized how similar my situation was to other people, and embarked on the NoFap journey a little over a month ago. Haven't looked back since, and only MOed during a BJ when the girl couldn't finish me.
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  7. lazyBoi

    lazyBoi Fapstronaut

    Plain and simple-
    Porn destroys life, I didn't want mine to go that way
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  8. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    Thank you guys for sharing your stories! Not I just got answers to my question, but you also reminded me why I do this and how bad porn is.
    It reminds me Alexander Rhode's reply when he was accused NoFap is a sex-negative movement. And he replied that there's nothing more sex-negative than trading real sex for virtual images. (I'm just paraphrasing, can't find it now.)
    And yeah, it is so true: getting rid of porn is the best think we can do for our lives, relationships and even sex-lives. It's not boring and rigid - its exciting, healing and wonderful.
    May the force be with you guys. Best luck to you!
  9. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    Unfortunatelly I know. Anyway it's really interesting how people knowingly hurting themselves. I mean if you know nofap, you definitely understand how damaging P (and especially sP) can be and you still ruining yourself and even share tips with others (and maybe you're so dedicated to your fetish you even don't understand the parodox).
    Anyway kudos to you, that you understood the situation and decided to deal with it. Every saved life matters.
  10. Mattew

    Mattew Fapstronaut

    Saw a video on youtube with all the negative effects of pmo, and i had them all, so i decided to stop.
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