Why do all women want to get married and have children?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by motion2082, Sep 2, 2019.

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    Something I have noticed among society is statistically more women than men want to get married and have children...why is that?

    I told my partner of 10 years I didn't want to get married and have kids, now we're taking about separating...
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  2. I can see this. I was gonna say this was harsh but i can see it. Its a very different lifestyle/future.

    Ismt this something you fogure out on a third or fourth date? Ive had girls ask me if i wanted kids and i say"i do t tjink about it but yeah i do far into the future" so they at least get an idea that i want kids in the future
  3. Also not all women want kids. Here. Any statement "All women blah blah blah" its most likely not correct.... besides a few things actuslly now i think about it
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    Be mindful of globalizing

    I have to work on it a lot also.

    Words like everyone or all or always. These are globalizing.
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  5. Wow, seriously dude? I'm sorry, but this was incredibly unwise planning on both of your parts. Why on earth would you be with someone for TEN years and never think you should discuss this? My husband and I discussed this on our first date, because I had zero interest in wasting my time and breaking my heart falling for someone who doesn't want the same things as me. I'm sorry you're going through that, but I can't help but feel it's sort of your own fault if you didn't think to talk about that sooner. Sorry if that's harsh, but I'm just really shocked to see that someone could be in a relationship for 10 years and not know if they're on the same page at all. Hopefully you can work it out.
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  7. I don’t know, it might have something to do with the fact that procreation is a natural consequence of sex within nature and that women might be more open to this than men? Or maybe there are a lot of men who are just as open to it as women and you’re just assuming a lot of men do not want to get married and have children?

    I don’t know if you’re saying you just told her or if you’re saying you had to tell her again after 10 years of her already knowing your position on the matter?

    Either way if you know you’ll never be on the same page regarding this then you should just separate right now and stop wasting each other’s time.
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    My Journal
    its theyre biological nature i suppose
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  9. How can you speak for all women? You don't know all of them, do you?

    I know a handful who don't wanna have kids at all. And many don't wanna get married, at least not for a long time. Point is all kinda of women exist, just like men. One simply can't make such bold claims in seriousness.
  10. motion2082

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    I can’t speak for all women but I can speak for the majority. In my workplace we have two women married and pregnant atm, both in their early 30’s. I seem to see a lot of pregnant women in a daily basis.

    It’s a bold statement but feels like the majority.
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  11. motion2082

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    Let’s just say that communication isnt our strong point. After 2 years of engagement I called off the wedding and after 2 years of no intimacy I said I didnt want to have children.

    There are many reasons why this is the case. I could make a list here.
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  12. No need to make a list; that’s your business and frankly the reasons don’t matter if you’re both at a point where you feel fundamentally different and are unwilling to budge.

    I’m curios though, if you’re not big on communication then why have you stayed with each other for 10 years?
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    Yeah, we grilled each other during our third date about stuff like this and the general future. It was probably the most awkward date ever, but one that we honestly needed. I can’t imagine ever going 10 years without mentioning this when we do almost every day lol
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  14. I am not a data scientist, but I think your sample size may be a bit small.
  15. Is it just me or is it a common question to ask "do all women want" in this forum? And if it's true, as someone pointed out, wouldn't have to always ask "do all women want" if they considered how logically irresponsible it usually is to use the word "all" when talking about people's values.

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  16. "Data show men are quicker to fall in love and more likely than women to want children: 54% of men say they have experienced love at first sight, compared with 44% of women; among singles without children under 18, more men (24%) than women (15%) say they want children."

    "About 8 in 10 fathers surveyed said they always knew they wanted to have children, compared with about 7 in 10 mothers, and 69 percent of dads called that long-standing desire to have children an important factor in their decision to have kids."

    [Source I] [Source II]
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  17. Lol seriously. Also, you can visually see that a woman is a mother if she's pregnant, but you can't see if a man is a father. So are you just... assuming that all the men you see around you aren't fathers/don't want kids?
  18. Definitely not just you. It's super annoying. It's like some people here can't grasp that women are unique individuals, not a collective hive mind. My best friend wanted to have babies immediately, and she's 26 with 2 kids already, after several years of trying to have a baby and not being able to get pregnant. I, on the other hand, am the same age, and have not wanted kids until very recently. And even now, I go back and forth about it sometimes.
  19. Nice.
    In general I find it *surprisingly* still common even though we're almost to 2020.. its so dumb.
  20. I personally don't want kids, btw. I think it's becoming more common nowadays tto find more women and men that don't want to have kids...even though baby fever comes and goes..I dont think I'll go back on my decision

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