Why do all women want to get married and have children?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by motion2082, Sep 2, 2019.

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    All women knit scarves and bake pies at home while waiting for their man to come home from work.

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    People here have unrealistic perceptions towards women.
  3. motion2082

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    I feel the same way. Having children can be a selfish act to mask other issues in your life. It can also be the best decision you will make. Remember though it should always be a choice made by both parties for loving reasons.
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  4. Exactly, yes. It's very annoying and confusing.
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  5. It comes naturally since women don't have to pursue mates.
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    I always wanted kids! But that doesn’t mean all women do. What I don’t like, and what I also find to be extremely disrespectful, is when people shame women for not wanting kids or starting a family. It’s a personal choice that should only be made and discussed between a couple.
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  7. Female
  8. I definitely agree. I haven't wanted kids for years, and I've only just recently become open to the idea, and I can definitely attest to the shaming. Thankfully not by my family, because they are all great and loving and know that it's a big decision and it's my life. But people are always talking about how selfish it us for people to not have kids and how miserable their lives will be. It's ridiculous.
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    What I've learned from SOME men on NoFap:

    1. ALL women "nowadays" are commitment phobic whores that wanna sleep with lots of men (of different races) and steal their husbands money and house in a divorce.

    2. ALL women want to suffocate men with these unnatural phenomenons called monogamy, loyalty and commitment and poor men (read victims) are trapped into all of it against their will and evolutionary nature.

    Both of these contradictory views, largely propagated by various red pill incel clowns on YouTube, are seriously flawed. Most women are in fact normal creatures with normal, balanced dreams and expectations of life. Some want kids and marriage, some want to find happiness in other ways. Everyone, however, wants honesty. It shouldn't be that hard to find a person that looks for the same as you, provided you too are clear with what you want from the get go.
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  10. MisterDirection

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    I dont agree with 1 or 2 at all.

    As respectfully as I can of course.
  11. Fixed it for you.
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  12. Lilla_My

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    Thank you! :) More accurate!
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  13. Salt & Light

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    Firstly, I'm female and yes I want children...thought I'd add something. Also I'm not what you'd call a feminist, I really enjoy ironing and Halo 2 is my favorite game of all time.

    I think it may be interesting to view this from a historical angle also. Generally speaking, women have gone through many social changes...especially in the previous 100 years. That's not to say men haven't but this post is geared toward 'women' so I will start here.
    It's in our nature to breed, male or female. Fact.
    Women, historically have needed to establish a foundation. Firstly this is through marriage, this wasn't necessarily for love but for survival. A woman could not live alone, walk alone or be unmarried without either being burnt at the stake for being different, stepping outside the "norm" or disgracing her family and eventually dying penniless. This was society, it was a mans world; there are no two ways about it. Under such circumstances women didn't have a choice to not have children. If a 'way of life' is practiced for long enough, it becomes established and normal. Many women have attempted over the centuries to break out of this, but without huge sums of money or power this was extremely difficult, near impossible. So what was left, the only way to survive was to find a partner. I will add, men were not exempt from this way of life - but did have more choice. For centuries, marriage and children was simply what ya did. For various reasons. Carrying on the name, the family, the crest!

    These concepts and 'old ways' are breaking down, women have independence and more choice (as do men). So has anything changed? We are simply tarnishing ourselves with old societal norms and squabbling about who gets to break free first.

    AND by suggesting/complaining that selfishly "nowadays all women want is monogamy and commitment' - isn't there a hidden suggestion there that men cannot give that to us? Or don't want to?
    Is that really fair on men?! No, it's not fair. Just as we've established it's not fair to generalize about all women wanting children.
    It's ridiculous. I can guarantee my BF wants commitment and loyalty from me - he gives the same. It's called love. This is a separate issue from deciding whether to have children or not.

    No wonder men are so confused, for centuries they're being told ALL women want children, now they're told "don't defy my independence, I am a woman, who says I want babies?!" - I'm surprised anyone knows what going on! Hahaha! I say this is jest.

    There are other factors to consider, both male and female desire companionship. All human beings need love, naturally children are a bonding experience, a bringing together if families. We are pack animals, we thrive on community and building it. However, as my BF suggested to me when I questioned monogamy..."If a man wants a family, he will chose a mate and have children and this is what he will protect. His unit, his family" and now women get that choice too and they're practicing it.

    The most important thing is family and friends; companionship, whether this involves having children or not.

    So I think the argument can be taken too far. There are too many factors to generally say who wants what. Realistically, some people want and have children, some people don't want children and there are others who don't, yet do and are extremely happy!
    You don't need children to be happy, a life of joy can be lived in many ways.
    Ta x
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  14. Lol why?
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    I remember she used to do Youtube videos under another similar name back when i first joined here
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    My Journal
    I read of a study that found people’s desire to have children was strongly correlated with the economy. If things were going well and people had optimism for the future, babies everywhere. When things are tight, people will hold back.

    I wish I had a link to this but I read it in a book of human behavioural patterns which I no longer have :/
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    Of course, why haven't I seen that before. No men ever get pregnant, only women, therefore women want kids more. I've been a fool my whole life.

    Sorry if that was a cheap shot. On a more serious note, I'm a 25 year old manchild who wants to get married and (almost definitely) have kids. Not interested in fooling around with any girl who couldn't potentially become my wife.
  18. I think a woman should come up with a thread containing absolute statements about men. I think it be fun reading the replies from the men, especially those who’ve made absolute statements about women.
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  19. Still do :)

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    The Bible says she will be saved in child bearing, so they might be more biologically inclined to want it, also their attractiveness vanishes away whereas men are exponentially attractive either physically or financially or both, as if to make women focus more on raising kids and housekeep for a man rather than being explorers like men.

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