Why do all women want to get married and have children?

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  1. I'm really freaking over this sexist BS. I have just as much of a right to be here as you do, @Summer Adventurer, and don't you dare dismiss my struggle and my journey here by saying these are "mens issues." Not to mention dismissing all of the ways I've helped people here by labeling me "suspiscious" just because I'm a woman. Do you even read any of the things I say here? The ways I help people and give advice and support? All of that is just meaningless now that you know I have a vagina?
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    Isn't that the fucking point? Do you blame her at all? You can't be that selfish, this is absurd. Look at the big picture bruh, this is TEN YEARS we're talking about. Wake up.
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    What the duck is wrong with you. This is the reason why some females go incognito as guys here.
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  4. Thanks. And yeah, this kind of stuff is part of why I don't have my gender listed on my profile. With my avatar being a man, it's just easier if people assume I'm a guy. I'm taken more seriously that way, unless it's a post that's specifically asking for female opinions, in which case I make sure people know I'm a woman.
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    Marriage suits their needs very well.
    At the slightest discomfort they have the right to take the kids and the money and men are left with their wounds.
    I am not generalizing here. Some women i know are the closest thing to perfection.
    Historically women loved to marry and have kids and it is an ingrained biological need.

    Recently with the rise of feminism, women are torn btw biology and being competitive.
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    Awful lot of globalizing in that post
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  7. Dude, give it a rest. No reasonable person is on your side here. You basically told me I shouldn't be here because I'm a girl. That's ridiculous. You are ridiculous.
  8. That's exactly my point. You never would have known I was a woman if I hadn't told you, because I'm just like every other person here. But suddenly once you find out I'm a woman, you have a problem with me? Screw that. I've done absolutely nothing wrong here.

    And the rest of your post is absolutely laughable. You're saying that me recognizing that men are sexist against me... is sexist? So... I'm the sexist one, for being discriminated against? That is some crazy logic you've got there.
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    I thought of writing some harsh words to defend what's being said about you... which would probably get me suspended, but it's really not worth it. It would be like yelling at a cockroach that had a major lobotomy.

    Just wanted to say that you're very appreciated in this community. You deserve to be here just as much as anybody else. I enjoy your helpful and strongly written posts.

    I've seen some of the bullshit you've had to put up with in this forum simply because you're female and I don't like it. It should at the very least be reported (which I will do right after writing this post). This type of behavior or mindset shouldn't be out in the open or tolerated around here. If you ever left this community for that reason, I would be very inclined to leave as well.

    That's all.

    Keep doing you.
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  10. Thank you elevate <3 I really appreciate you as well
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    My Journal
    1 out of 3 women watch porn at least once a week.

    0 out of 3 men menstruate.

    A woman being on NoFap is not equivocal to a man being on a women's forum, and I for one am glad that @Castielle has decided to stick around here despite the utter stupidity that is thrown at her on a regular basis.
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  12. letter

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    My Journal

    Accept reality. Women are here. Treat them with respect.
  13. The founder of this site clearly wants women to feel welcome here. There are female-specific forums, women's groups, and rules against misogyny. Are you seriously so threatened by my presence that you need to continue to argue your ridiculous point? You can screw right off with this BS. Nobody is on your side here.
  14. Lol I love how you went through the trouble to link a wikipedia page for the word "fap," and didn't even bother to read that the definition doesn't say anything about gender:

    "To indicate that someone (normally the speaker) is either masturbating, or inspired to by sexual arousal"

    Yep, clearly that's all about men. It's obvious. So the fact that there is an entire section here specifically geared toward women should be disregarded, because women are incapable of getting addicted to porn and wanting help to overcome it.
  15. You literally JUST explained how it's different... I do not understand this dude. Smh.
  16. letter

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    My Journal
    You’re intelligent enough to see and exploit the crack in what I said.

    You’re not intelligent enough to see that I made that move deliberately.

    That’s right. I actually gave that answer some thought! Out of the many, many, many things I could have said, I chose to give you a simple no. Why would I choose such an exploitable answer? Simple. I wanted to see if you would exploit it.

    And you did! I’m so happy, because now I know you are a troll.

    I suspected it before, and now you’ve proven it to me. Thank you.
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    Because it ensures the continuation of the human race.
  18. Some women believe in love, committment and family.

    Some women want to get married because it will provide them with a meal ticket for life.
    There is no risk in getting married because divorce and family courts are run by feminist. In some states, a woman stays with a man for a few years and havs a kid she will get paid for life. She can also take your children away from you and then charge you a fee via family courts for taking care of the child she took away from you.

    Your partner may just want kids and family and decided to move on to find a man on the same page. She may have also moved on because you are to smart for her to rob you.
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    I would say both of those assumptions are pretty close to the truth :p
    I'm not here to person and moan or to stop a woman from getting what she wants.
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    Honestly, F#ck the human race! We're a disease to this planet. In all seriousness the continuation of the human race is embedded in our DNA. We're slaves to our desire for consumption which has no limits

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