Why do Girls Masturbate ???

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by alexandrebois, Feb 16, 2021.

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    Fair enough, but I'd never seen in my life a good looking woman being rejected if the guy is single, if she is not batshit crazy. Hence my added modifier.
    You are right though, that I haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just like the Grand Canyon.
  2. I really doubt that a girl would give you an answer here, you say you're married, ask your wife
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  3. Title: "Why do girls masturbate ???"
    *asks guys*
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  4. What makes you think that women don’t go through the same when it comes to porn? Men and women masturbate and both like to watch porn. But there’s a catch with women.

    Women are hardwired to be sexually active for a very short duration of time about two days a month, during ovulation. This is for procreation reasons of course. Men have to be ready to go at any time for the sake of procreation. Which explains why ED is so embarrassing for men. That doesn't mean women only feel sexual urges during these times, and women can certainly become addicted to porn and/or masturbating. It's just not quite as prevalent as male masturbation. Men are more addicted to porn than women because of their biological nature.
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  5. @alexandrebois YOU are beautiful and YOU can have sex with any woman you want.
    Why do people choose fantasy over real-life partners, you ask? I will let Atlanta Rhythm Section explain it for me.
  6. I 100 percent I agree with you because there was this very attractive girl put she had a very dull personality.

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    Girls masturbate because it feels good (unless they were mutilated by insanely misogynistic customs), and they’re always stigmatised by society for daring to have sex. Contrary to earlier posts on here, it’s not only feminists or men-haters who wank either.

    If you want to go deeper than that, then the reasons why are differ with each individual.

    I don’t get why people think girls are special or immune to sex-related issues. If they’re expected to carry another human for 8-9 months, they should at least feel something.
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    Hey thanks for your answer

    I see that you're 500+Days streak

    did you see any benefits from it?
  9. Simple... porn & masturbation are addictive. We are all vulnerable to the effects of this addiction no matter gender, age, or sexual orientation.
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    Did someone actually say something like that :D
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    Probably they do it alongside actual sex and without all the shame/frustration aspect of 'why is this my only option?' that men have.

    But I can imagine some women with psychological issues might be in a similar situation to some men, as in, they are too afraid of male advances, being alone with a man and vulnerable and so avoid it. But even then, it's not quite as bad as the male situation where you think 'even though I desperately want this, I won't be able to get it.' It's more of just avoiding a scary thing than being totally unable to do it.
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    There's so much generalisation, assumptions and ignorance in your post and replies OP. You shouldn't see females as any different to us males. We're all human.
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