Why do I do this?

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  1. It's 5am and here I am once again letting go of my hopes and dreams of a better life for a five minute pleasure. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Right now I've got a lot of shit on my plate and the only way I know to control my feelings, to take in the hit of rejection, is through PMO. I thought having sex would weaken my addiction, it's only manged to make it worst. I've attempted to build relationships to handle this addiction, both sexual and emotional and I've only managed to make things worst. I keep saying I want a better fucking life, but here I stand once again resetting my counter with an unbearable headache and the critic in my head telling me I'll never get out of this pit. Fuck porn.
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    Hey man, suprise you´ve relapsed, like dozens of other people have. Don´t deem this as to be doomed and not coming out of your rut, because sooner or later you will. The problem I see most people having with this is that they fuck up in their approach. Either they put to much pressure on themselves to suceed at PMO or they take it to easy and forget about what´s at stake. Too bad that you relapsed, but what kick´s in after? Right, the will for redemption.
    See... what is important for your approach to no PMO? Most people are not even aware what triggers their behaviour. And it´s obviously that most people just want their toys to be replaced rather than live a fullfilled and happy life. They are attached to their thoughtpatterns, toys, games whatsoever. Challenge yourself my friend, do sth. extraordiniary. But not by pressuring yourself. Even google seems to know you better than you do, because the shit keeps finding it´s way back into your life. Anyways good luck and live healthy, sucess is no luck.
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    Try this: The Buddhist Shurangama mantra

    To learn the pronounce, watch this:

    It is the "urge smasher" mantra. My Shifu and a Chinese man confirm that after frequently chanting this mantra, all sexual libidos are gone. Appearance of girls can be seen as they are, not beautiful or sexy or something else.

    Chant it at least once a day, everyday.

    Please abandon all PMO forever! Please get a healthy and sociable life. Help the people in your neighborhood or local area. Because according to the law of karma, you help others is you help yourself.

    Cultivate good deeds.

    Abandon all evil.

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    You'll need to silence the critic in your head. By having a proactive approach. Tell yourself to not draw any conclusions about yourself until you are in the right mind to do so. Our dopamine drenched brains are stupid. They don't have the ability to think rationally. Tell yourself to abstain for 90 days. And then think about rejection, your self-worth etc.
    Right now ignore what's happening in your life and just focus on improving your life.
    Trust me. My mindset totally changed once I hit a good streak.
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    Same brother same here I think like this addiction is very very powerful

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