Why do I get Sick Everytime after PMO ? (Plz Help)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by alexandrebois, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. alexandrebois

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    Hey guys!

    I wanna know if anyone here have the same Problem as Me: *Everytime i PMO to Porn, I get Sick right after (I catch a Cold, I get sore throat and sometimes even tonsillitis.)
    Everytime I PMO i get Sick, I get Depression too, and I get "The Hating Life Feeling and the Looser Feeling".

    Are all of theses symptoms normal?? Why do we feel all of this after PMO ? is it not supposed to be a Normal thing to PMO, why does my health gets affected everytime I do it ??.
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  2. Master Chips

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    Yep from the very known symptoms of PMO is weak immunity; so it may catch cold or flu frequently. Also PMO makes one depressed, lonely, emotional and increases the risk of anxiety. Avoiding it will help, put in mind that a similar symptoms may occur when you stop it as a withdrawal but will pass.
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  3. captainteemo

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    My hair sheds and falls out when I PMO

    It is because the stress you put on your body during orgasm and releasing your seed

    Semen has alot of nutritions and vitamins, so that why you feel sick after the job.
  4. TheForsakeen

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    less than 1 white egg.
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  5. HelperX

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    maybe stop watching porn? huh? So you don't get sick afterwards?

    And no, PMO is not a normal thing. Your brain gets wired to the bullshit you see on porn and distorts you from reality. Just quit it for good.
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  6. You should look into POIS.
  7. bc pmo weakens your immune system. it lowers white blood cell count
  8. Your seed of life is in your semen it is intended to create life therefore it is part of your soul. Everytime you ejaculate or disrupt that You lose a bit of that energy therefore draining your life’s energy & soul thus causing sickness. Your skin, hair & nails are a visual extension of you & since they are try It will be the first to show damage.
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  9. Nautica

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    This. Dont waste time searching for "scientific" reasons OP. Science is just a manmade way of explaining nature and spirituality through its own man made laws and logic that are irrelevant in the grand scheme of the universe. PMO drains your life force. It weakens your spiritual body which weakens your earthly body.
  10. I know this may seem a little bit hypocritical coming from someone who is in the same fight as you, but...
    Do you waste energy and would you like to feel powerful after that? There's no logic. We are like a battery full of energy that, as it is being used, wears out. Just as a battery is damaged and can reach the point of no longer being able to receive a charge, so is our body. Addictions destroy our system.
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  11. WalkingForward

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    I don't know, but why not make use of it and let it serve as an extra motivator? :)
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  12. I totally agree with you.

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