Why do men c** over women's bodies? *Possibly triggering text ! *

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by elmo3334, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. elmo3334

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    Whether it be porn or real intercourse what's the significance of a man cumming over the body and/or face of a woman and not inside her? I never understood it. Is it something fascinating to either one? Do men enjoy it? Do women like it? What's the deal here? What am I missing?

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    I personally think it is awful and disgusting, and I do not think any pure woman would enjoy such a shameful act. It is only done in P as it is unnatural as all other acts in P that are closer to animal acts rather than sane human-like conducts.
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  3. Suk

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    These are fetishes which develop in some men due to watching porn. There are a Million fetishes which makes no sense but are present. Some people get turned on when you talk dirty to them, some people like being submissive...there's even a fetish for having sex with dead people xD
  4. HellDevil69

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    I think it is associated with showing "dominance" over woman

    That the man has conquered her and can do whatever he wants

    It is wrong thinking but it is what it is
  5. Lilla_My

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    Coming outside (on the body) can be an attempt to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

    Coming outside (on the face) is done to signal that the person receiving such treatment, usually a woman, is a disposable trashcan, only alive to provide humiliating dehumanizing entertainment for a "man" and his viewers.
  6. UnStunned

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    I don't find the significance of this post. You're quitting porn, you should quit these irrelevant questions too. I don't mean to offend you. But you thinking about this, will only push you closer to a relapse in the future. Stop caring about such things, my advice, your choice.
  7. Gmork

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    I suppose it's because it looks spectacular when it happens, and traditionally in porn, it demonstrated a complicity in the climax.

    These days in modern porn, it seems to have become more assaultive, but then modern commercial porn is more aggressively assaultive, and more like a test of physical female tolerance, than a mutual sex act.
    As with many other things, because of porn, it has become fairly normalised.
    We now regard it as acceptable, and it has become a regular aspect in many people's sex lives.

    I've been with partners who really like it, and partners who aren't into it. The same as any other kind of mutual fun.
    If two people are consenting, then go for it.

    They were not "disposable trash cans" but people with decisive choice, and their own frame of reference and experiences, which differ from the next person.
    Regardless of some opinionated judgement on the Internet - male or female - it doesn't put a girl (or man) into a particular category if they do happen to enjoy it.
    In porn, it's very likely to be happening "to" the recipient, whether she is complicit or not.
    In fact, if she (or they) doesn't comply, it probably makes it more likely, and more aggressive.

    Outside in the real world, it's called personal choice.
  8. elmo3334

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    Thanks for your concern...
  9. Rehab101

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    Simple answer like this. Nothing more nothing less.
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  10. Breadman

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    I’m with you buddy
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  11. elmo3334

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  12. elmo3334

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    All these opinions are really interesting. Thanks for all the input.
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  13. Lilla_My

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    I am completely aware of the fact that there are women (and men) who enjoy it (I personally know someone who does), and there is obviously nothing wrong with consensual and safe sex acts.

    I was strictly referring to facial ejaculation in pornography or prostitution, where vulnerable women are being paid or coerced into these degrading acts, and perhaps even more disturbingly, being forced to pretend to enjoy it.

    There is a bothering tendency to point out the small percentage who indeed enjoy a kinky act ("but I know someone, who knows someone, who's cousin likes...") rather than discussing the boring but accurate fact that the absolute majority of women do find the thought of an ugly stranger ejaculate in their eyeballs exceptionally disturbing and grotesque.
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  14. fredisthebes

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    Spoilered for possible trigger warnings:
    There is a visual element of showing that they are not 'faking it' in porn, hence the close ups, the sex with legs held up high to show the action and external ejaculation, etc. This stuff doesn't (necessarily) feel any better in 'real life' than a more traditional under-the-covers missionary position, but a lot of men who received their sex education from porn don't know any better.
  15. Gmork

    Gmork Fapstronaut

    Thanks @Lilla_My
    You're absolutely correct.

    I do agree with you, but on reflection, there is also a bothering tendency for everybody to jump on a subject, and collectively dismiss any notion of an alternative perspective.
    As I said
    The OP asked a question about the significance of the act.
    You didn't specifically mention porn or prostitution in your response.
    Neither did the OP.
    Everybody piled in with emotive judgements of the act itself.
    I was responding to the question from an unbiased frame of reference.
    I apologise if you felt that it was an attack directed specifically at you.
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  16. Lilla_My

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    Very true. However, if you were a woman, you would be nauseatingly used to having to explain to men that what they see in porn is not how it is in reality. Men, to no fault of their own, assume that certain acts are on the table since "women (in porn!) love it".These men would benefit more from the knowledge that most women actually don't enjoy certain (male invented) acts, rather than obsessing over the miniscule percentage of women who do.

    If you are a man, you never have to explain to a woman that you don't like to be spat or defecated at during sex. Women just assume that you don't, because most men are not into it. But if you are a girl, you have to explain why you don't like getting semen in your cornea, even though it's obvious that the majority don't (and yes, girls have locker room talk too, so we know roughly about what's common to enjoy and what is more rare).

    So my point is that today, women suffer more from sexual pressure and disturbing expectations than they suffer from taboo, and men on the other hand are getting more and more misled about female sexuality, and in turn run the risk of failing in their relationships and sex life (when focusing on pornographic practices that they statistically might never, or very rarely, run into in real life).

    You can wake the average 12 year old boy at 2 am in the morning, and he could tell you in detail about every aspect of double penetration (something he most likely never will experience himself), but would have absolutely no clue how to bring a woman pleasure with his hands (a task he probably will undertake within the next 10 years). So what discussion would he benefit the most from, strictly statistically speaking?
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  17. Gmork

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    I'm also not sure what this has to do with the original thread.
    The hypothetical 12 year old boy, or the OP?
  18. Lilla_My

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    I meant the boy, but any young man reading the posts in this forum, for example.
  19. Leader of ME

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    So.. you are doing it for the first time . And he gets it out and what ? says ''Highly respectful woman , do I have your agreement to allow myself to do it ? ''Joke aside, I mean, how do you know.. if you ask before your first time with the partner... attraction killer ...
    Many people here being talking about sex is for only having babies - mentality . So.. isn't it that fetish ? And selfish in there view ?

    Why men do certain thing can be for their pleasure, too . And it no have to be a 100 % P . The question is what to do your sperm really, if you don't create a baby ? What you are doing ? Shooting it on the floor, by yourself ? Imagine that as a woman seeing it . Xaxaxa

    It's just sex, man, people do what they do .
  20. fedmom

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    The men who do this have sexual sadism disorder. I would assume those women have masochism although I'm not sure if this crosses the line from being sexually submissive to masochism for women.

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