Why do people delete their account?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Deleted Account, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. I know at least 4 people hear who hit 30 day+ streaks, but then suddenly delete acct. why do they do this
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  2. brilliantidiot

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    there is no single reason
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  3. hardowner

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    1) They were banned
    2) They didn't make it and quit.
    3) They are free (or think so) and want to continue on their own.
    4) Who knows...
  4. I'd guess privacy reasons, mostly. Many people end up returning. Some get upset at a slip-up in progress and ragequit.
  5. JakeWoods

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    Or sometimes they get banned for expressing their opinions.
    People are extremely sensitive these days and will report people for anything, lol.
  6. And some people have deleted their accounts because they felt that moderators don't intervene enough. It's a delicate balance.
  7. I would say, from my observance, the biggest reasons are simply

    A.) They are doing so well in their streak which they've never gotten this far on their own and then they reset/lapse and never come around here again
    lol :c poor beebees...

    B.) They aren't reaching out enough (posting dailg statuses, journaling, supporting others, or asking for help.. [how are we supposed to know they are there without that stuff] ) to receive help or just sadly n simply not receiving enough help.

    C.) Something happens in their life and they sometimes make it known and its something which makes them sad, and then they leave.

    and last but not least
    D.) When they think they can make it on their own and leave whether they delete their account or not and then they do get in the cycle of relapsing/resetting and dont want to return for the embarassment and just dont want to in general.
    But some do return : )
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  8. Fausterity

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    Maybe they said something stupid and then a sassy woke millennial woman clapped back with "You're canceled. Delete your account." So they deleted their account out of embarrassment and shame.
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  9. I think people should think twice before deleting their account.

    Go ahead and make a post saying, "Screw this forum, I'm getting out of here" or whatever, but leave everything intact in case you want to look over it later.
  10. I rage joined....then I calmed down.
  11. Castielle

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    Old posts stick around after deletion, but I agree, it is easier to find your old posts if you still have the account intact.

    I deleted my account once, after being here for a couple years. It was for a lot of reasons. Felt like I was no longer getting much from this site, there was a lot of drama, bullying from a particular user, etc. I left for quite a while, but eventually I came back. I don't regret deleting my account and leaving, though. It was absolutely the right decision for me at that time.
  12. Yeah. Maybe another reason is if you want to change your username? I'm not sure if there's another way to do that.
  13. Castielle

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    There is! It has to be approved by a mod though, I think, and I'm not sure if there might be a limit to how often you can change it.
  14. Cool. I'm happy with my username, but I could understand someone wanting to change theirs for various reasons.
  15. The site will allow one name change immediately and then another after 90 days.
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  16. correct. you can do it once, then again but after 90 days.
  17. onceaking

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    I've deleted my previous accounts because certain people would wind me up and I would get into fights with people. Now I'm trying to avoid threads and members who would provoke me.
  18. Do you like Burzum?
  19. I know that feel man. Some threads here are filled with fools. Best thing is to stay away from their stupidity. Damn.
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  20. For me, it would either be because I felt defeated, or because I felt that I no longer needed to partake in NoFap. A few days ago I relapsed and contemplated deleting my account, but then I returned anyway, and I'm glad I did. As far as the latter goes, I think at some point I will no longer need NoFap to keep me motivated to push through, but that time is still far away.

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