Why do people of noFap considering masturbation as a toxic?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Zillion, May 1, 2019.

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    Well, If I don't make sense then elaborate and provide a valid argument of why I don't make any sense? I never said that sex is ultimately bad and yes it's not a need whether you like it or not.

    And I recommend you to get one more virtue other than sexual continence, one in which you don't spread lies about yourself, here's a recent post of yours.

    I pmo everyday and concentrate and crush my goals daily how does this happen then buddy?
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    Please do not elaborate, can we stay on-topic?
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    I don't necessarily consider masturbation "toxic", but every time I did it I felt kind of exhausted and lost my motivation to do anything for the day. This can possibly be only my case, but I felt like it drained my energy to do other things, so I don't consider it worth doing. What is more, masturbation usually leads to porn and fantasizing in my case, which I do consider really toxic, so I'm better off without doing it.

    Maybe masturbation can work for someone, if it can be done without fantasizing and porn, but for me that didn't work out. Rather than from masturbation, I've learned to get my pleasure from other things, like going for a run, reading a good book or hanging out with friends, and I don't really regret it. I guess that I just don't masturbate because I feel like there's no need for it.

    So, I wouldn't say that I consider masturbation itself really toxic in everyone's case (though I don't prefer doing it myself because it drains my energy), but that it's hard to do for a former addict like me without it leading to more toxic things.
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  4. Masturbation isn't toxic really, it's just something i regret doing. It's not that i am ashamed, i just wish i would stop. It's consumed dozens of hours of my time and energy that i simply will never get back
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    When you dont masturbate, you feel better. For me personally i masturbated at least once or twice a week since i was 14. It will never fufill you there will never be enough porn for you to watch and you will get into sicker and freakier porn. Going just two weeks or hell even one week like my streak im on right now feels amazing its almost indescribable how different you feel. That said i dont think masturbating once or twice a month will kill your mojo but im gonna go for 30 days at least.
  6. I think you are still in denial. Your dopamine system only resets, if you go at least 40 days without O. Doesn't really matter, what leads to it: P, M, S. The latter might be considered more "healthy" than the former, but you still won't see any brain rewiring with actual benefits.

    That's why you're talking about "placebo".

    In my opinion O is a reward for successfully creating children. If it's used outside this context for casual entertainment, life is going to suffer, regardless of the circumstances. Yes, the modern female expects a man to O on a regular schedule for her pleasure, but that isn't how it's supposed to be.

    Many couples never practice longer streaks of non-sexual loving intimacy, which used to happen before marriage in old times. This is why the modern cohabitation relationship usually breaks down, once O is removed from it. Because O is the one single thing holding it together.
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    Wow, this has been derailed.

    On the topic of M being ok and there being no good or bad choices: M numbs you. If you do it a lot, it does not seem bad anymore. If you do it infrequently, it makes you feel cheated, empty.

    Nofap is one of those things you should try for yourself - honestly and long enough to see the difference. Then come back and report.

    No point in deliberating and discussing. Just do!
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    Because if u stop masturbation,you wont watch porn anymore. If you dont come to nofap, they will lose their profit. Its masturbation that leads you back to porn and make you come to nofap. I havent seen anyone who always fap without porn. Eventual you again use porn with masturbation. Porn is a fire and masturbation is like gasoline..
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  9. Ok so great post. Its definitely gonna get some feedback.
    In my opinion Masterbation is not bad the problem with most people have on this website is that fact that they masterbate only to and with porn to the point it has a negative effect on their lifestyle and friends and family.
    It changes them.
    Anything like porn with endless amounts of content is absolutely scary .
    And out brain releases all that dopamine that can never get enough
    So my point is if you have a HEALTHY masterbation lifestyle that dose not in anyway shape or form affect your lifestyle then I dont see the problem. But for most of us it has gotten to the point of self harm self hate and escalation.
  10. Lively gr of yesterday

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    i believe you should be rewarded only after doing something n mastrubation is a merely a shortcut which we can achieve without doing anything
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    This is the best counter arguement I've ever seen. This deserves to be in the Hall of Fame of Responses when you Lose, just besides "ur mom" and "get off my d*ck bruh".
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    I reported him and mods timely suspended him, those are the type of people that should not be on the forum, if you browse his post hsitory he's just insulting others
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    Please treat each other with respect. Thanks.

    Moderation Team
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    Since l gave up masturbating my life has turned in such incredible ways that l am against me to masturbate. About others? I wish people would have the chance to know how great this feeling l am having now is. And lm only 28 days old in this. My balls burn but just don give a s.....
  15. You define what is good for you. If you do not suffer from CMD (Compulsive Masturbation Disorder) then why not having a good time with yourself.
    Should you eat two steaks? One? Why worry. Unless you cannot stop anymore eating steaks.
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  17. God never said anything
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    My opinion? Porn is evil, masturbation done in moderation is natural.
  19. ultrafabber

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    Masturbation is basically gender identity disorder because you have to simultaneously assume the role of both a man and a woman. So it's either that or homosexuality.

    More so, if one thinks masturbation is normal, he must suck his own dick to conpletion to be logically consistent.
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    Steaks? That argument makes sense only if you are a cow, and you are slowly eating yourself up

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