Why do people online call nofap a hoax/fake?

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Liminal, Mar 29, 2021.

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    I noticed that one of they main reasons why I relapse is because I consciously browse stuff like “is nofap real” or “is nofap a hoax” and I do it solely to justify my eventual relapse. Why do these people online mock us and treat us like children? Their arguments always reside in saying stuff like “you get no madeup superpowers out of it” or “it’s harmful for your prostate, since masturbating prevents cancer” or “it started as a joke” or “it’s just a moneygrab”. Don’t they get that they’re damaging us even further? That they pushing addicts deeper into their addiction? It’s so hearless and cold, humans can be so selfish and close minded.
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  2. they want to justify constantly beating their meat without feeling bad about the consequences
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  3. Some people believe its a good thing, some believe that it's the bad thing. Just like you have the right to believe that its wrong, they have the right to believe to be whatever they want. In the end, they're the one who's going to suffer, not you; therefore, you shouldn't let their voices echo in your head, and you should move forward and believe that its bad.
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    Only a minority of population are responsible people. It was always like that. Look around - alcoholicism, drugs, crimes, families splitting even after they have children who need both the parents. But even the things like getting overweight out of laziness is a form of unresponsibility. Watching porn is no different - it's selfish. Not only towards yourself, but also your family, friends, all the relationships you have and ever will have, for the whole society. Only a minority is willing (and strong enough) to push themselves out of those. Try to violate someone's comfort zone when they are not ready to/don't want to move out and you wont get treated as someone who wants to help them, but rather an enemy.
    The best thing we can do is to talk about the harms which PMO can bring onto a person, but not push anybody into NoPMO (except maybe for your own kids if you are raising them and want to prevent them from it - but even there you have to explain those things to them too).
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