Why do so many popular TV dramas have nudity in them?

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  1. I like seeing boobs on tv in moderation and part of the story they're fine... I think we do hvae a problem with excess violence on tv though.

    As a PMO addict I like the small dose and the power to say no. Actually been better behaved since getting into the show Altered Carbon...which is awesome
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    Asking someone like this for evidence just leads to the realization that you have a higher standard for 'evidence' than he does. To claim that everything on TV is fake is obviously dumb.

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    This is one reason to watch films and television made under the production code. No random nudity. Sexual encounters, if any, are implied, not explicit. No CGI either, so they generally had to entertain with story, rather than intense visual stimulation.

    I find sex and nudity to often be distracting from the story. It's like watching a musical that you had no idea was a musical. All of a sudden people are singing and twirling around, and you are left wondering what the hell is going on.
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    I can accept that you sometimes see a kissing scene and soft porn (no nudity) because hey in the story sometimes people fall in love.

    But having nudity and sex scenes randomly at the story is more a thing to get more viewers I mean whats the point does it tell you more about the story and personages? No its just their to get more views.

    That’s why I hate game of thrones and Spartacus it are just “hyped tv shows” I actually like the books more of game of thrones for example the dorn story is more complicated and more explained…
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    Exactly, the books are so much better. Nudity in those shows contributes nothing to the story whatsoever
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    Because they're trying to be more realistic. People do get naked in real life I've heard as ghastly as that sounds
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  7. The response from tv executives to the populace:
  8. [​IMG]
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