Why do they (doctors) always encouraging Masturbation, though it`s causing severe addiction?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Zillion

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    You may already know, many doctors regardless in what they are specialized..

    why do these doctors are always promoting Masturbation as a Relieving Stress, helps to prevent prostrate cancer so on..

    even though its the root cause for many problems such as addiction, dependency over porn, less interest in getting a partner, depression, feeling envy about successful people, distraction in work or study activities..

    Are they really wanted to make us DUMB and want to prevent us from becoming better person either in business and life?

    or they`re throwing up these nonsense for sake of promoting drugs and porn industry?

    Please let me know the right reason for it, why does most doctors are not talking about severe adversities caused by masturbation??..
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  2. Camelon

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    Who told u that
    Why Gary wilson made the greatest book ever againts PM??????
  3. Kiz Whalifa

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    They want repeat patients lol. It's honestly that simple.
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  4. DerSchütze

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    That's what they were taught, and if they have no personal experience with this addiction, why should they think otherwise? I mean, they probably don't go on the internet looking for new conditions, so they will fall back on what they learned in medical school or whatever.
  5. Di.Do.555

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    Ignorance is not bliss.
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  6. Avenging Marmoset

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    There are two schols of thought: One that says doctors don't know much and the other one that says they don't know anything. I've been dealing with the medical establishment my whole life as a diabetic and I can tell you I'm firmly in the latter of those two camps. I had a doctor friend tell me one day "There are people in this trade who just should NOT be practicing medicine." In a lot of ways, you still need to fend for yourself and be an informed health care consumer. Docs are also extremely tense about getting sued, so they will almost always stick with the "standard of care" when it comes to any particular matter, i.e. Never going outside the lines and staying safely in them. I doubt any doc who didn't wnat ot get looked at funny would tell one of his collegues in the lunch room "Yeah so I had this young guy in today who was depressed. I suggested he try ceasing masturbation and porn use for 30 days and see if that helps a bit." That and someone taught them the line that masturbation is good, so they 've just been assuming and repeating that ever since. Just wait though, the W.H.O. will sooner or later be more forhtright that porn addiction IS a thing, and they already recognize that there are MILLIONS of man hours a year worldwide wasted on it. But we should at least be understanding of docs in that there is all too little research on this for them to go by. I see a shrink every few months for routine med appointments for my depression. I told him about NoFap (leaving out the part about how I was a porn addict) and how much I thought it had helped me, and also how so many of the guys here and on the Reddit sub are all reporting so many of the same benefits. In fact I directed him to this site. I also emphasized that what little research there is says that NoFap causes an recalibration of the dopamine receptors that can be very beneficial especially with those suffering from depression. He listened and understood and he said he would check it out but we also agreed that it was too difficult of a thing to do to catch on with the general public. If I were a shrink, I would asses every single last male patient for porn addiction and get them into therapy to knock that off before even trying drug therapy, assumingthey had an issue with it. That and overfapping is one problem that many of their depresison patients have that even the patients don't know is cauing them harm, and whcih the docs don't even ask about. It may not be a cure-all, but it shouldn't be ignored as a worthwhile component of treatment. Hope that answers your question anyway.
  7. Tibo87

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    I think there is misconception here.

    Masturbation is seen as ''bad'' because you start with the reasons you listed above.

    But masturbation is like everything, it can be a tool or a weapon.
    *Use it with porn addiction, and you end up with a harmful practice
    *Use it mindfully, with a desired goal, and you increase your creativity, your knowledge about your arousal, and your well-being.

    It is because we have been shamed since young age (by religion, society, etc) that it became harmful.

    Teach a kid that masturbation is good and healthy, teach him/her how to do it mindfully, educate him/her on the side effects of porn, and you will have a healthy individual who is in touch with his/her body and know how to guide his/her partner to give pleasure.
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  8. Mr.Chips

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    1-They either confuse Real relationships with Masturbation, yes having sex with your partner (moderately) is healthy, yet masturbation has no benefits even if it is used moderately.

    2-They are taught like that ?

    3-They are being paid, economy plays and other agendas do. Financially PMO industry is like oil industry.
  9. Tibo87

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    I respect your opinion, but I'm sure you will find a lot of guys who improved their sex lives by masturbating mindfully. There is benefits if you do it in a healthy way (like having sex with your partner).

    I agree with this one.
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  10. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    I have met many doctors and future-doctors. Not a single one of them is against the NoFap lifestyle. I don't know how many doctors have you personally consulted about it!
  11. yeetman47

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    doctors can have different ideas and opinions on things, there are tons of doctors who are against masturbation.

    and, masturbation does relieve stress, but that's only bcus of the dopamine release
  12. sambo27

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    While I believe there are many intelligent and genuine physicians out there, I believe most (like any other field) are filled with people who dont know any better.

    Honestly, after a while, most sound like a bunch of pill-pushers.

    Very few of them are capable of independent thought (like most people) and are subject to the same biases that everyone else is. Not to say that I nor others are not subject to bias, but there is an element credibility you assume with physicians that might be misplaced.
  13. Masturbation is healthy. It is just your attachments that make it bad for you. If you say it is bad, then maybe you are just trying to cover what really is hidden in you. We cannot get attracted to porn and masturbation without reason. Instead of trying to put the work or blame on others, look on yourself. Why are you here in nofap, why are you attracted to this thing and that thing.
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  14. Avenging Marmoset

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    Another thing we should consider is that doctors also jerk off, and possibly a lot due to their occupational stress level. They figure "hey, i'm a friggin' *doctor* and i jerk off, and it doesn't seem to be hurting me, so why should i be telling people to stop?"
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  15. Ajar

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    I think it's weird how few studies there are on this topic. Then again science only flows where the money goes. Look up Carnigie, Rockerfeler, and med schools. Very interesting content..
  16. Get_It

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    This is why:
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  17. Ajar

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    Ahahaha, this guy got the idea down pact. 60 yeeaaars, got peer reivewed feedback, endorsed by the surgeon general. That's why even today when reading peer reivewed journals, listening to doctors, endorsements, I keep in the back of my mind that tomorrow morning another paper could come out and disprove everything flipping thing we think we know. Why they put so much opposition on Fasting, Keto, Vegeterianism, Veganism ?even herbal medicine for crying out loud. Frankly because they will hemorrhage money. Could this possibly explain even after years of designed experiments we haven't fully understood the true capacity of the human body and mind? is the science I know true?
  18. Get_It

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    Doctors are merely educated guess-timators. They shouldn't be put on pedestals, but many people wrongfully do.
  19. Ajar

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    No clearly masturbation is not healthy. I would wager tht half the people on this site have semen retention in their crosshairs - and alot on the success story page talk about benefits of semen retention also having sex with real women. The reason majority of people got into it, is just availability mixing with hormones or peer pressure. Maybe those who got addicted later in their life because of stress, but that's a small group on here at least.
  20. Hold it in

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    Well said
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