Why do we Fall ? So that we learn to pick ourselves up !

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Coolbuddy7, Mar 10, 2019.

Are you planning on replacing boredom with something useful ?

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  1. Coolbuddy7

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    Why do we keep falling again and again, so as to learn to pick ourselves up ! But, just grieving over the fall and doing nothing more about it is rubbish !
    Every time I relapse, I would set my mind up to a state where I say to myself that I wouldn't be falling into this again. Then after a few days, ( in my case mostly it's been four or five days ) I would be struggling to make harmony with my decision. Now I have seen many people tell others here that, being like what I have been so far, one just cannot rise up. No,one simply cannot; because, that person has not made up his mind to give it up once and for all ! They decide to stop it, just like that, because they were feeling bad for having fallen, then once when they forget the pain the fall caused them, they get ready to fall again. Now, one might say that this falling in so as to jerk-off is giving that person a lot of pleasure and a feel like being on top of the world but, it lasts for a very short amount of time and you regret the decision you took. I have now started feeling that actually the feel of having to be controlling the urge, and to stop being able to fall back, that decision you made, that is way more satisfying than the dopamine-hit you get after jerking off. I am so happy for being able to be happy for myself when I know that I had been the master there, you know, being able to take back control of yourself from that practice you have been following, that is a whole-some new experience and a very good feeling, and even more, it still lasts much longer within you as your pride in yourself for being able to act like a man - A Mature Man !

    Till now, I had been just thinking of gate crashing that pain which comes following the decision you made; to break your streak, so as to start falling back into it again just to enjoy that dopamine rush you feel on just jerking off again. Although this time there is a change to that. I have realised that the feeling of having control over yourself, that is way more satisfying and so pleasuring than Jerking off to someone you don't even know about. I mean, porn is just filmed prostitution, and you don't even know if he/she is okay with you jerking off to him/her. They might be doing it without having any choice or something; and you don't even know who that person is in real life. I mean, that is a very odd quality to exhibit. Imagine this, if you were to go and stand in front of a random woman you just saw and thought, whoa she is hot; and you start slamming your weiner in front of her. How would she respond, she would eventually start creeping out. I mean who on hell does that ? That's exactly what we are all doing, but the only thing different is that we are not physically present in front of them, but are rather watching a tape of people who were made to rub each others body in uncomfortable positions, just for the viewers to shitting Whack their dicks. They wouldn't be doing all that, just like that, if a situation of having to start making love with each other arises. They would surely not be doing that ! And people watch that, and try to follow that which is so disturbing !

    So, this is what I have decided to do. I am ready to give it up once and for all, and even though I know it's hard to give it up, I am definitely trying that and am going to succeed in that as well. I am going to give up Porn, and this is a final decision. I wouldn't be pleasing myself by just slamming my dick. I am not touching it again, not at all ! I am not contributing to the downfall in their lives they lead, being porn stars. So I have made my decision, to stop all of this non-sense and start doing something meaningful again in my life.

    Another thing that might make you crave back for porn would be boredom, but understand this, you have to learn to deal with your boredom in a different and more productive way. Everyone would experience boredom, and you must replace your usual activity of jerking off to watching porn during then to doing something that might benefit you and might help you in your life.

    I am starting my journey now, good luck on yours, Cheers :)

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