Why do we idolize women's body? Is there an alternative?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Honey_Singh_420, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Honey_Singh_420

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    What could be the core of the objectification of woman body. Please refrain from commenting those who say calm down it's normal/healthy/blah-blah type bullshit, or that's how men are designed.
    Well along with our programming, we have intelligence and awareness. We aren't any of those reptilian species that have no other escape.
    I got on to this conclusion only after intense scientific questioning, not on some belief narrated by some ne'er-do-well.
  2. Honey_Singh_420

    Honey_Singh_420 Fapstronaut

    What could be the core reason behind the desire to objectify a woman's body. Ansers which i read in forums like reddit, quora and some even here in nofap say it's normal/healthy/blah-blah, or that's how men are designed.
    Frankly speaking although we have our mammalian hunter-gatherer programming, we have intelligence and awareness as well. We aren't any of those reptilian species that have no other escape.
    Deep insights and intense questioning on my habits, actions and thoughts, scientific study of human psychology brought me on to this point.
    Can some one show me the right path?
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    Men are designed to react to the female body.
    Sexuality predates the thinking brains by millions of years.
    This is a fact. It is irrelevant whether you accept it or not.
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  5. Hi HS,
    we live in an ovetsexualised and over stimulated World. Sex sells and motivates. This is why it is ubiquitous. We are meant to be the most intelligent and evolved species on Earth. But are we?
    Nearly every other species only has sex during mating season. Ourselves and dolphins, as far as I know, are the only ones that have sex for pleasure alone. Which is rather inefficient.
    It is not healthy to have sex frequently or to be thinking about it constantly. Perhaps, if we had sex only for procreation it would be for the best. This obsession with, and lusting after, the female body is madness.
    It is not natural! We are becoming ever more removed from our natural state. No amount of scientific or philosophical jargon can disguise this fact. I would strongly recommend the teachings of TC Fry to all Fapstronauts.

    Good luck everyone!
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    I agree but also i want to add that sex adds warmth to the married couple.
    It is the gel that keeps them together only if thet harness it's power and not attempt to leak any of it to outside the relationship.
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    On an evolutionary standpoint its procreation.

    Don't objectify and women lose their value. All the sudden they're not on the pedestal and you become an equal. All the sudden they're not "all that". You can now choose a women based on deeper values and personality. The looks thing was never going to work anyway
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  8. There is no point to it. And the solution is to treat them the same way you treat everyone else.
    If you treat people differently based on their sex/looks/whatever than the problem lies in your mindset as well.
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    It’s what we’re taught since childhood.
    Beautiful is pleasurable. That’s what.

    Parents dress up their kid in a neat dress.
    “How do you look?” “Beautiful! Nicee” :emoji_ok_hand:
    *Smile wide open, laughing*
    The child starts understanding, Beautiful is pleasurable.

    12 years later, the child while on the internet, reads,
    A Stunning photoshoot Of _______. Gorgeous Sun-baked Photos.
    Says to himself or herself, “Wow! That’s nice. I like it.”
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    It’s the way humans have been for millennia. Maybe it was meant for a good cause initially, but this feeling got exploited rapidly and badly.

    We can’t change that outlook.

    So, solution: Learn to handle the feeling of Lust which is also deeply associated with pleasure. And the outlook: Beautiful is pleasurable, gets combined, resulting in :

    Beautiful+ Lust. And this ignites when you see a woman who is in no immediate way related to you, biologically.

    Learning to handle lust may be a decent solution.
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  11. DucksInARow

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    We all have a degree of natural desire, just like the animals. Humans however developed a sense of separation from nature (probably an evolutionary devise to control nature). While this assured our survival, it also made us objectify people, ourselves, everything. Our natural desires then became distorted - objectification tends to make us either over-sexualised, or its counterpart, prudish and judgemental. We become less grounded in the present moment, so less natural about our sexuality. Its all just a game to make us see that happiness comes from within.
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    Physical attraction is natural. There are geometrical arrangements that look pleasing, harmonious, while others don't, but I'm not talking about golden section theory. For example, it's natural to look at a woman's ass and admire it, both from the stand point of aesthetic balance, and movement function. Balance is beautiful. Strength is attractive. Round forms are visually appealing. You can't tell me a woman with no ass, and a hunched over back is appealing, rather she's appalling. Thus, I say it's natural and right to admire a woman with a well formed body.

    However, what isn't natural is idolization. Where you put a woman on a pedestal as others have said. I don't think you can overcome this all at once, but start with getting rid of the idea of "the one". This same type of thinking should be applied to the personality as well. Guys here seem to think the personality is akin to the "immortal soul", that is, it lasts while the body doesn't - whatever - get rid of that kind of thinking. I guess some women have impressive personalities(?), this is what I'm told at least, but they are still not gods come down in human form.
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