Why Do Women Have Fewer Orgasms Than Men?

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  1. Is it because the man isn't "hitting" it right or do most women just watch too much porn on the low?? I've been curious about this topic lol I was talking to a friend about this and how excessive porn usage desensitizes the brain but she wasn't buying that for some reason. What are your guys/girls thoughts on this?
  2. Your first assessment is more accurate. Female genitalia is a billion times more complex than males. Honestly, it's taken me a while to even learn, myself, what I enjoy, and once you do, it's not very easy to explain to someone else. I think part of this is... Not be too graphic but... Because female genitalia is more internal, so its more difficult to explore. lol

    Anywhoozle... Long story short... Vaginas are confusing. That's pretty much all there is to it.
  3. BobDobbs

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    we got two different questions here.

    1. Why do women have fewer orgasms?
    and reworded just slightly...
    2. Why do fewer women have orgasms?

    the first one is just physiology. It's harder to get the right stimulation, often requires a delicate balance and more time.

    The second is a more complicated question. If a woman NEVER has an orgasm, or only has them by herself, then there is likely a problem with the relationship. Either the man is being lazy, the couple is not communicating right, or the woman has her own issues and mental hang ups that block her from reaching climax. And that's not even counting what porn and/or toys might do to her neural pathways.
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    Its mainly an issue where the woman doesn't know what she wants, and if the woman doesn't know how to please herself then what chance does the guy have?
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  5. ^ Yep.

    Which, please remember, is not the woman's fault. There's nothing worse than a guy getting annoyed about that, as if it's not annoying enough to us already. Trust me, I would love to be simple. Lol
  6. BobDobbs

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    Yeah, some women might have issues preventing orgasm, but those issues don't develop in a vacuum, just like the self confidence issues that affect men don't come from nowhere. It's all a combination of our experiences growing up, the attitudes that we are exposed to, and the trials we all experience learning how to interact with each other.
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    well I found that when you curl up ur fingers and sort of violently "claw" inside of her it will make em orgasm quick haha.
    I was always good at making the girls I was with very happy with my tongue and fingers.
  8. Damon

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    Men are programmed to release seed, so they have to orgasm to release the seed. It is much harder for men to abstain from ejaculation. Women only really orgasm for sexual pleasure, they do not have to orgasm.
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  9. BlueNotes

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    You guys are failing to mention the psychological part of a woman's orgasm. Yes you have to get all the physical stuff down, but a woman's orgasm has a lot to do with her mental state.
  10. Mr. Sir

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    This is exactly how I feel. The mental component is far more important the physical component. I've had only a handful of sexual partners. They all had way more orgasms than I did when we had sex, except one. The one exception was a girl who I had a one night stand with and in that case neither of us got off. I just wasn't into her and the alcohol wasn't helping either of us.

    I think guys tend to get too in their heads. For example, this thread, how you're trying to logically figure this out. When you're with your woman, it's time to get out of your head. Enjoy the feelings. Be present in the moment. You've got to stop having sex with them/fucking them and make love to them. You'll know you've got a good connection when you can feel their energy.

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