why doctors kept saying that pied does not exist?

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  1. Ok, So, whenever I visit doctors to talk about ed problems, they don't care because I am in my 20s. They always say it is not a thing. However, I am also curious that since porno industry has a lot of money, would it be possible that they are trying to conceal about pied and the severe impact of porn on our brain?
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    For some time I've felt that some funny business is going on in the background. Porn is causes a myriad of problems, a third of the internet is porn, kids are getting into it at younger age yet many governments aren't bothered about regulating it. As a kid growing up we were warned about hard drugs, smoking, drinking etc but hardly a peep about pornography and that's the vice that most kids have the easiest access to.
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    Tell him heroin is not exist , it is just a vitamin
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    Porn industry controls the government maybe?
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    There are several likely reasons for this, very few of which are insidious.

    1. There are no "control" groups for porn addiction researchers to do experiments with, so it's very hard for anyone who even knows about this growing issue to conduct thorough scientific research. Without a control group (young Western men who haven't been exposed to porn), it's hard to get a lot of good scientific data in studies to show this is a growing problem. Without scientific studies, ideas can't be taught in medical schools

    2. With personal data collection it is likely porn companies understand the habits and addictions that users are developing, but are trying to keep it quiet. It's well known that for-profit media companies understand the effect that novel, shocking, and endless stimulation has on people (watch the Social Dilemma); porn companies are likely in on the secret. Therefore, these companies are likely trying to hide the fact that their revenue is being generated at the expense of the health, sanity, and safety of it's users. Porn companies, and all media companies nowadays, are driven by profit above all else, and will try to keep that profit no matter the stakes.

    3. Doctors that are practicing right now are not being clued in about the effects of novel internet porn. It would have to take a massive social upheaval and coordination by medical groups to get all doctors in Western countries informed about current studies showing the harmful effects of internet porn (which are sparse and short as it is). Until then, only trickles of information is getting into medical schools and being taught to new doctors, which will take decades to fill up the ranks of hospitals and care providers.

    4. While the effects of porn are devastating for many, they do not cause visible problems for the majority or particular special interest groups, so until they become a visible societal issue or a point of concern for a certain demographic, porn misuse will likely not become a mainstream topic.
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    It's because porn and artificial sexual stimulation on high speed internet is a relatively new phenomenon. The way we masturbate to porn and artificial sexual stimulation on highspeed internet is a relatively new phenomenon.

    Ok it has been going since about 2006, but that still isn't overall that long. Unfortunately a lot of the mainstream don't understand the science surrounding porn addiction on high speed internet, and porn induced sexual dysfunctions yet.
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    There are few clinical and scientific studies on porn affects. So the medical industry doesn’t see it as a problem. Society sees porn viewing as “normal”, even though the categories on porn sites depict anything but “normal” sex.

    Of course the porn industry stays hush-hush about it. Addicts fuel a huge portion of their business. Until it becomes a true health and then political, issue, porn will keep growing bigger and more depraved. We already have adolescents watching this stuff. That should be enough of a red flag.
  8. thanks guys for your words, I also found out that drinking coffee can bring some consequences to an erection which I also agree with, since I have been coffeeholic for many years. NoFap brings me a lot of information that I did not know about it beforehand

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