Why does it seem I am failing on nofap despite a long reboot?

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    I usually post on the nofap subreddit but I've decided to come here...
    I have been practicing nofap hard mode since mid-March of this year. I've had 3 true relapses (but without porn) and about 15 wet dreams this whole time. I have felt the benefits of nofap with things like better eye contact, better-looking eyes, stronger voice, more confidence, better ability to problem solve but I also experience some very negative downfalls that most definitely outweigh the positive. These include incredible muscle tension, it seems like depression, a weird underlying anxiety (ill come back to this), no motivation, nightmares, impending doom, and learned hopelessness. These negative side effects are more prevalent the longer I go without any sort of ejaculation.

    Its weird because I have noticed by day 3/4 after a wet dream I actually feel good and normal but by day 10 I am back to feeling like garbage. I think that my worst symptom is honestly my incredible muscle tension, it is wrecking havoc on my body and it was never there before nofap. But my next worst side effect is this weird underlying anxiety. The best way to describe it as is my mind only works in anxious situations, outside of that I feel pretty emotionless all day and it is tough for me to feel good emotions. Could these be signs of withdrawal despite being on a long reboot. Do I stay on Nofap? I will also add I am going through Post Acute Withdrawal Sydrome from quitting weed in January.
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    It sounds like withdrawal to me, maybe not fro the weed anymore but definitely from porn. Just because you've done Nofap for a while doesn't mean you won't feel thos effects, especially if you have had relapses in that time, I always find it resets everytime I relapse so try not to worry. You've gotta get through this stage and then it'll start to feel brighter, but all of it seems pretty normal to me.
    I will say I'm not so sure about the Muscle Tension or what you truly mean by it, but the other symptoms are classic in me.
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    It could have been me 4 years ago writing your post.
    The first time I tried nofap I blamed everything under the sun on not ejaculating, and saw giving up nofap as the logical way to solve all my problems lol.
    I now recognise how much I used to use O as medication. I used it when stressed, when ill, when tired, when in pain, to get high, to get motivation, to cheer me up, ... the list goes on. Just like a drug.
    This time round, whenever I have been tired, ill, down, stressed, etc and the thought of O came into my mind, I look for alternative strategies to solve the issues. I am slowly beating the addiction to the high sex gives and am reserving those feelings for when i am with my wife.
    The best thing i have done this time round is to observe all the sexualised thoughts that come into my head throughout the day and try not to linger on them. That I found very hard but I am gradually seeing a reduction in the volume of sexualised thoughts popping into my head.
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    Mr Ho Lee Sheet I recommend you practice something else as well to improve yourself. 15 times is a lot Dam Son.

    Work out hardcore regularly. And practice concentration meditation. One cannot practice wisdom meditation called vippsana or insight meditations in the buddhist blueprint of meditation...or no-mind in taoism; without a strong concentration. The sort of minimum maximum concentration state to stabilise your worth here is the first samatha jhana in the buddhist blueprint. This is a powerful state where every cell releases dopamine in consciouss unity of mind and vastly vastly more intense than an orgasm, to sort of visualise how much concentration/absorption of mind it requires.

    This state is basically equal to this. You need to be able to concentrate until there is only object, no more outside or you, in your direct awareness. This is obviously a very big step for modern people so this means you have a lot of concentration power to cultivate. Which means LOTS OF GAINS for you.

    For this I personally recommend you start something like body stillness training:


    or gazing practice with eyes open:


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