Why does masturbation drain so much energy?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Juggernaut WHO, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Juggernaut WHO

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    Hi everyone! I feel sorry to say that I masturbated 3 times to porn today morning, losing my 70 days streak of No PMO. I feel like I'm drained off all of my energy. I don't have the capacity to think or concentrate on anything properly now, and my physical energy is also diminished to a great extent. I have a question to all my friends here. That is, Why does ejaculation take so much of our physical and mental energy? Why do we feel so drained after we M 2, 3 or more times in a row. How does energy leave our body with the semen? And why can't we think or concentrate properly after we masturbate multiple times? Is there any scientific explanation? Can anybody explain?
  2. Juggernaut WHO

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    And what about sex? I haven't had sex yet. Does ejaculation due to masturbation drain more of our mental and physical energy than ejaculation due to sex?
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    At least in theory in some form - if there is reciprocity in the relationship. Because even if on a physiological level you "give" all the energy during intercourse the other person presumably cares about you and energy comes back in the form of that caring.

    To me it's more a question of recognizing you DO lose the energy and what to do about it. It's kind of like just a fact that if you hit $500.00 on the ATM machine you're going to have all that money come out of your account, but unlike the ATM you can't just put it back but it takes a lot of self care over time to nourish yourself and regain your vitality. The question(s) to ask might be HOW to re-strengthen beyond just wait for many days.
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    Yes definitely, there is scientific explanations for it.
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  5. It's same with me. I fapped last night and before I fapped I knew that I would feel like shit the next morning but I did it anyway because I just couldn't contain my horniness. I didn't watch porn tho only using imagination of past porn memories but I think it's the same as watching porn.

    Then here is my experience. Every time I fap or pmo I will always feel like shit and I can't concentrate on everything. I become anxious over anything. My speech becomes stutter a lil bit and terrible. I feel headache now and I just feel sluggish and lazy

    But every time I get horny again I would eventually fap again and the cycles would continue like this over and over again. I don't know what's wrong with me. Dammit. Why should I fall into this porn addiction. I feel ashamed of myself. I once promised to myself that this relapse is the last time and I will fight hard. But in the end I'm just bullshitting myself.

    These shitty feelings we feel might be our bodies way of telling us that we have thrown away our precious nutrition and other vital substances in the form of semen. In my opinion fappping over and over again is like donating your blood over and over again. It destroys your body from the inside. That's what I think. But seriously. I need to stop fapping every time I get horny. I can't remember the last time I don't fap when I get horny. :(
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  6. becoming a better boy

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    me either, i repeatedly relapsed by the compulsive porn imagination o_Oi think it is a mix of physical and mental issue. according to many scientific studies, semen contains a lot of useful chemical substances. the massive loss of semen in forms of maturbation amounts to cutting a tree one after another in a forest .sadly, u can never resist the next pmo temptation[always the last time] before you reach the point at which your body shows alarming signs of deterioration. whenever i felt a little better after rebooting for a while, the shitty thoughts came up and overwhelmed my mind. human weakness alway gets in the way of me no matter how long i v made it. still a long way to go
  7. On the one hand it's a lot of energy you lose by sex or mastrubation, on the other hand the emotions you repress with it also cost a lot of energy
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  8. Completely agree with the post-ejaculation side-effects. I'm thinking non-ejaculatory sex is probably a good idea for me once I finish the reboot.
  9. LoveIsAllWeNeed

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    This is my unscientific educated guess:
    Masturbation and ejaculation should cost us energy as any other activity does where we tense all the muscles extremely in our entire body. What's more when your balls are filled with semen your whole biology screams for going after females, for which you need to have energy not only from apeman who literally had to go after them but also as a man to show you're attractive. An exhausted man is not too appealing for women and this is the case for humans and most of the animal world. So, semen makes us active as the loss of semen looses us energy.

    In your case you did it three times in the morning which is probably more what your mind was tricking you into than your body needed. So this drained your body even more. Since your brain needs all this energy, you cannot think straight.

    Maybe if you had masturbated in a mindful way listening to and connecting with your body, you might have done it once and not have lost much energy if any. But it's better to do this after a full reboot, or you may fall back in your addiction.
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    Fap make people lazy to work and study. I have like that too. It make me failed in college and high school. Friends hate me because I look ugly when I fap. It also make me want to sleep everyday and not do anything important
  11. Sleeperhead

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    Ready for some broscience (theory based on logic)?

    This is some esoteric stuff.

    Now in my opinion, there's a few sides to the whole masturbation and reduced energy thing.

    There's the chemicals that are released in your brain when you orgasm. Specifically prolactin, which has the effect of inhibiting dopamine. This has the effect of making you feel tired and drained.

    The purpose is to make you sexually satiated. Prolactin spikes when you orgasm and stays in your system until a week after you orgasm. If when your prolactin levels decline and your dopamine levels are still high then the satiety will wear off and you will want more.

    Still with me?

    But then some people go beyond a week without masturbation and their energy levels continue to build. I think this is because of increased fertility from abstinence. After you empty your balls your chances of impregnating a female are many times worse than what it would be if you abstained from orgasm for lets say 3 months.

    Your subconscious mind reacts to your fertility. If you aren't fertile your urge is to withdraw from females to focus on eating food to restore fertility, anyone get hungry after they orgasm? Your body language reflects this it becomes difficult to approach women in this state, your urge is to make yourself scarce, not being able to make eye contact with them signals that you don't want to mate.

    Of course when you are abstaining your fertility is building each day and the green light is on to go out and reproduce. You have more desire to do things that will improve your chances of reproducing stuff like progressing your career, lifting weights, etc.

    There's no increased physical energy, there's just a switch on in your brain telling you to go out and do stuff, all it is more motivation.
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  12. Gee, why does sitting in front of my computer all day drain my energy?
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  13. Arnuld

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    Human Beings are not meant to ejaculate daily let alone 2-3 times per day. Semen is a vital part of our life force and when we remove it constantly it’s going to drain you.
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  14. Great question. Apart from the Research stuff, religion and spirituality might point us towards the nature and purpose of sex, love and procreation. Pretty deep for a Friday morning! #dosomethingdifferent
  15. Indurian

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    It's the same results with either hand
  16. PerseveranceToday

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    Orgasm releases prolactin (masturbation much more than actual sex), which leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels have been linked to poor concentration and mood, as well as decreased interest in sexual cues. We don't know how the post-orgasm endocrine cycle works in humans, but in rats it takes about 15 days for prolactin levels to return to baseline levels after orgasm.

    But, to be honest, nobody knows. Everything I've just said is backed by science, but the link is pure speculation - and to be honest fairly weak.
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  17. thinking_differently

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    Your brain does the costliest expenditure of Energy in your body: Almost 25%!
    When you M, Your heart beats rise, a Burst of blood is sent down there(it’s not a joke you know to get rigidity with a fluid and some skin), so there is RACE for Energy between the brain and the sexual organs.
    To generate the Pressure to release just by the help of some muscles will have to push it out..far too much harder than pulling water out of a tank with a motor!

    So after thinking in this way, it only seems obvious that M will drain a lot of Energy.
    (This is in accordance with the current limited and a naive scientific understanding! Who knows what the hell actually goes on! What other forms of Energy we don’t yet know about)

    And I think even Ejaculation in Sex will make you Feel tired: thats why in People “Sleep” after Having Sex.
    But we don’t feel tired during a WET DREAM!
    Now this is interesting!

    A few months ago I discovered that If I do moderately involving exercise(Say 4 km running) after M, the next day I at least don’t feel lazy, but still like shit.
    Please don’t workout after M, but workout to prevent M.
  18. wubbsi

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    one dude here says there's scientific explanation, and i've think about it lot by myself (i often forget about this too, thats why i register haha)
    In fact you must think that semen is some kind of life or energy or better lifeenergy that need a lot of power, not only to pull it out like in other comments, therefore is fact, that everything in your body need ressources which we takes by meal and watering. to produce semen therefore many vitamins and minerals are needed to produce one ml sperm. Furthermore your body is programmed, that it must retain sperm for re-production so your body priotisize this and that can take ressources of other parts which in my szenario is make my brain / thoughts more insanity, powerless and demotivated until the juices are balanced. The more often you masturbate, more semen required to be produced, but this amount can be reduced by selfmastering...


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