Why does our culture ooze with sexuality yet discourage men's desire for it?

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    I agree with you about this: Men have always been a thinking creature - absolutely.

    Men's brains are wired to be triggered by female skin? Biologically, we are wired to find females to mate so at a point the attraction will have to be "triggered" in a male brain. How do you approach attraction toward females without the "triggering" affect ?
  2. You have to find a balance between physical attraction and other qualities in a woman. It's highly individual thing, in my opinion. It also depends on what you are looking from your relationship.
    • If you want physical pleasure and fun times, you need not look for the deeper stuff in your woman.
    • If you wanna build a home with a woman, then both of you will have to do a lot of soul searching as well as balancing your habits etc to optimize your time together.
    Both of these choices are okay, and it doesn't matter in the long run which one you are going to choose. (That is when you discount mental peace and calm from considerations, because anyone can be happy in either of these two situations or equally be unhappy in either one of them too, so instead of looking at the relationship this question will always depend on the people involved so we can't discuss it.)

    Men are wired to do a lot of things. But in modern lifestyle we do not do them. You choose to cling to your primitive instincts when it comes to one aspect of your life, and ignore all else and reap the benefits of a modern day lifestyle. That sounds like a personal problem to me.

    P.S. when I say you, I am talking about the general person and not specifically anyone I am quoting so plz don't get offended by that.
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    That is science bro.
    It is not a choice.
    The female skin is triggering even if you are a monk.
  4. Where is the proof? Show me a real scientific publication that justifies your blind lust. You can't compensate for character and personality flaws by saying "the whole world does the same". You'd be surprised at how many people actually do not let their dicks dictate their minds.
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    it is common sense bro. Superman why r u on this site?
    Isn't it because your sexuality was fucked up?
  6. Yes it was... Then I fixed it. Now I am here helping others do the same. I am not as ungrateful so as to leave the forums when my own goals have been met. I decided to stay around and guide others. :)

    Also it's not common sense at all. If according to you "men were incapable of overcoming their baser instincts", you and I wouldn't be talking here. We would never had any progress done, no technology, no social and cultural development. We would still be living in caves having food and sex orgys when available and starving for the rest of the year.

    Stop this idea of trying to make mankind no better than beasts who know nothing but feeding and mating. We can be so much more, although one is free to go the other way and go full on animal mode too, but they can't in any fairness accuse the rest of society for their own inadequacies. It's wrong.
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    Bro, in principle we are both after the same thing. A better and more spiritual world.
    Oversexualisation is causing misery everywhere, children and women are the first victims of awakening the sexual devil.
    Women know very well of the effect of their sexy clothing on men and they don't give a shit. That is irresponsible.
    If I offend you, you may take it personally or you may not get hurt, that doesn't mean that offending people is ok.
    If you are triggered by the female skin doesn't make you less of a man or a beastly man.
    Being triggered doesn't give you the excuse to abuse women either.
    I asked hundreds of men and they all say the same: when they see sexy women they go and resort to their gfs/wives or to porn or to m.
    I have never seen a straight man who said i am not triggered by the female skin.( by skin u know what i mean - not the arm or the neck)
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    This is exactky my question. Why can we when we shouldn’t? Be hot be sexy be naughty?
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    I agree. As a man, I have PRIMAL reaction to female skin (not about the arm or the neck). We all know what we are talking about which area of female skin. It's just primal,period. Attraction is primal. You cannot cherry pick who you are attracted to. It's just primal.

    I have had many instances where there was zero sexual stimuli, zero. I was so focused on my work (i.e. reading a book, etc).. then I look up and see a beautiful woman. BAM! I got attracted to her female body. Just like that. Of course that's not true for every woman I see, but you know what I mean.

    What's amazing is how many men deny at this primalness. It's what propels us actually to find girlfriends then wives then make babies. So primalness to attraction is very important.

    And also, if our PARENTS aren't attracted to each other, we wouldn't exist right? So OBVIOUSLY Attraction is natural.
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  10. It's the agenda. Men bad women good. Watch how unfairly society favors women in every aspect of life. I see no point in these kind of posts because they don't make any actual change. Life is unfair, so what? You can try to actually make a change.
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