Why does pmo shrink your dick and weaken hard quality

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Usernameallowed, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Usernameallowed

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    Pmo has done a number on my dick

    I used to be 5" flaccid and just under 7.5" .

    Pmo addiction flaccid is contracted tight and death grip and hard ons that follow even in the morning arent even semi they're like a hard flaccid

    What has this shit done to my pp

    And how long does it take to recover
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  2. i have the same it takes for me at least two weeks before it seems a bit more relaxed and longer, and that it hangs more. Now its just shrinked and small...

    it just takes time man, but for you it might take longer we all are not the same :)
  3. modernstore99

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    Your dick isn't physically changing in girth/length, but the amount of blood being pumped into your dick is.

    Through PMO you have conditioned your body to feel pleasure even when you're not fully erect, so your erections are not as strong anymore. Additionally, PMOing for years weakens the PC muscles that give you boners, so finding male kegels to do could make them stronger.

    Your dick isn't smaller, it's just "less full" of blood. Think of your dick as a long balloon filled with water. Even though the material of the balloon does't change, the amount of water being pumped into it determines the size. PMO has made you unable to get the same amount of water into your balloon.

    Quitting porn and doing progressive kegels will definitely help.
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  4. My dick looks skinny now. It’s not how it usually looks. Plus, I’m circumcised as well. This is why I’m staying single until a female is interested in me.
  5. BoraxKarloff

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    7.5! You bum! jk

    I think just give it time. It's easy to worry about your dick after you quit fapping. I got so used to coming with no erection - I don't know if anyone else has this - like I would see a gorgeous woman on my screen and just start whacking, hard or not, like someone who can't wait for the cookies to bake and eats the lukewarm dough.

    Now, in the last 6 months, I've had maybe 5 orgasms. It used to be every day, 2-3 times a day. Had no dick most of the time.

    But it's come back over these 6 months, nice and fat and full. A pleasure to see, a pleasure to feel, not so much a pleasure to leave the hard dick alone because I'm supposed to be quitting. And I, too, could have all the sex I want, but choose not to until it's someone I really know and trust.

    Make sure you're eating right, getting plenty of exercise, handling your stress and setting the stage for a full 7.5.

    Wishing you encouragement, in other words.

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