Why EDGING is considered a relapse? [700 days+]

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How's your addiction. Do you relapse or edge?

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  1. Sufian T.

    Sufian T. Fapstronaut

    What is Edging?

    Edging is, when you look at porn no matter what, soft-core or hard-core without masturbating and you go hours and hours looking at the screen and bombarding your brain with excessive dopamine.

    Edging is worse than a relapse. Yes! You heard that right, you waste hours and hours of your time just looking at porn or pictures of girls which drowns your brain in dopamine. You can’t stop because it’s gives you the fake pleasure and you internally you’re not happy with what you do.

    You have two personalities!

    • The one that’s you, the real you which inside is a really good person and wants to be the best. And this personality really hates what your second personality is doing.
    • The second personality is filled with urges, which is blind and only sees what’s pleasurable. It doesn’t look at the long-term, it makes you forget your first personality for a while and waste lots of precious time of your life.
    Realize that, take a moment and think about those two points I mentioned.

    You have got two choices, either you take the first personality and work on it to become better and achieve whatever you desire, or, the second one which will give you the best feeling in the world resulting in lowest self-esteem and failure.

    It’s better to relapse than to edge!

    Sounds crazy, right? It is definitely BETTER to relapse than to edge because it will save a lot of your time and dopamine. Let’s say you relapse, and feel so bad about yourself, and after a while you get back up and make a commitment for not relapsing again. You might get a few days of being sober and relapse again, that’s a whole other different thing.

    But be afraid of edging, it can be the worst addiction ever. It can be worst than relapsing because they say “Time is money”, so save time and don’t edge. I’m not saying, ‘Go ahead and relapse’ nevertheless edging is another door to failure and it will make you fall deep down the hole.

    Furthermore, start watching informational/motivational videos on YouTube or Instagram, whenever an urge strikes to edge or even relapse. Educate yourself, turn that sexual energy into something greater which is KNOWLEDGE. Some people like GaryVee have the best content which will get you out of the best and actually do something.

    Have some self-control!

    Fuel the personality, the first personality that knows what you’re really capable off and what you can achieve in this life.

    “What one man can do, any man can do”.

  2. SirErnest

    SirErnest Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Just watching is a type of edging, but I feel the real version is when you masturbate up to the 'edge' (therefore the term 'edging')but don't orgasm.
    So, my rule is 'No touching, no watching'. I sometimes don't stick to it, but am trying.
  3. 4DCreator

    4DCreator Fapstronaut

    You don't have just 2 personalities, but many :)

    But you are right, some parts of our personalities are damaged by our childhood traumas and they act against us.

    You can see that clearly on people they have a "Dissociative personality disorder". They usually have an inner child which has a child's voice and make them act like a child and speak as a child and they usually have at least one personality which is aggressive and hates them, and when it comes out it breaks things around and these people are cutting themselves or are self-destructive. That's exactly that part of the personality which makes us fap and watch porn because that part is not accepting us. People they are healthy and don't have damaged self-acceptance don't have an addictive personality. This video says it all.

    Nice post BTW
  4. Ursamajor

    Ursamajor Fapstronaut

    what if you watch porn but dont masturbate?? is this relapse also?
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  5. tIoD

    tIoD Fapstronaut

    Porn addict don't actually look Porn to reach climax. Dopamine surge novelty comes from continuous stimulus from that video (every new Porn clip gives dopamine chick). Orgasm is just the end point of PMO session. There is no craving for Orgasm, there is need for Porn.
    So, edging is definitely, Relapse.
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  6. 4DCreator

    4DCreator Fapstronaut

    not watching porn brings different benefits, not masturbating relapsing brings different benefits...generally watching porn is fucking up your brain much more in long- term than fapping - without watching naked women of course.
  7. Eryka

    Eryka New Fapstronaut

    that's not even what edging is

    edging is masturbating until you're very close to orgasm and then just stop
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  8. idontwanttoreveal

    idontwanttoreveal Fapstronaut

    I can speak with property on this one.
    I am an addict and used to constantly edge. Everyday. For as long as I could.
    During the time I had a gf and we had sex not that often, but we occasionally did.
    Let me tell you, since I started NoFap, I can honestly say that it saved my dick, my mind and my life.

    1- My dick is healthy now. After a lot of time worrying about ED, PEjac, and other stuff, I sensed that it is healed now. I am not horny all the time (this is normal) but when I do get horny with someone my dick is there to respond. And the boner is nothing like it used to be. It took a while for me to not worry about it, if it was going to work, etc. But I just take a deep breath and focus on the moment. IF you don´t focus on your dick, things will be easier (easier said than done, i know), but it is the truth.
    I noticed it is bigger flacid/erect due to better circulation and rest periods (now it rests all the time...). A year ago I needed constant stimuli to maintain an erection, I needed lots of stimuli and focus. Sex was troublesome and I was miserable.

    2- My mind is feeling clear now. No brain fog, lots of planning ahead and just living the moment as well. It is weird typing this but I had no idea my thoughts were just BAD - and I consider myself an intelligent person, I always studied a lot. But that has nothing to do with brain fog and pmo. If you need encouragement to start, DO IT NOW. You have no idea how your brain can fully work without PMO!

    3- Sex is a part of life, yeah O feels amazing etc etc. But it is just a part of life. Whenever I think about how I used to act during my lowest, I can see clearly now that my life WAS PMO. And I feel very embarrassed to remember, to think about that stuff, but I am not running away from it anymore. I also don´t blame myself, I chose to accept it as a part of my life, a part that it will always be there, it reminds me of how strong (and how weak) I can be and how I can redirect my energy, my thoughts and specially my time.
  9. Krishna Gopala

    Krishna Gopala Fapstronaut

  10. Sufian T.

    Sufian T. Fapstronaut

    Really happy for you man, keep on going. Do it for yourself and for the one you really love.
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  11. ash_cloud

    ash_cloud Fapstronaut

    I would like to offer a counter point of view... relapse is worse then edging as it leads to loss of the vital fluid and then cycle repeats.... don’t get me wrong...edging is the monster you described....bathing your brain in chemicals for hours is one of the worst demons...

    Both are extremely bad ...Need to get yourself to a state where they are totally avoided
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  12. TimeToQuitNow

    TimeToQuitNow Fapstronaut

    Edging can be worse than relapse but it isn't always.

    If you look at soft core sexual stuff for maybe a minute and realize what you're doing is wrong then I think it is better then relapse. But if you stroke yourself for hours looking at porn without cumming, although it is technically an edge you mentally put yourself in the worse spot you could have. Because you've sent lots of dopamine to the brain without a relieving yourself of sexual thoughts (finishing). Because of this you get the same problems of relapse without any reward or way out. It is a much longer road to recovery because your brain will keep craving it since your sense of arousal never went away, and you'll want to finish what you start but you won't since you are so afraid of relapse. It becomes a really unhealthy cycle and ironically will most likely lead to relapse, just a really prolonged one.

    Hope that makes sense.
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  13. For me edging is dangerous game ,i was doing it almost every day for 2 months ,and i O from watching P without M which was shocking for me .Now I know that you have some chance if you dont edge ,but you have no chance to overcome this if you do edging ,ask yourself -what is it that you really want?
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