Why everyone is saying me an addict

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Electronx, Oct 6, 2021.

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    Guys now this is becoming serious, I don't know why my parents are saying to me that "" why do you walk like an drug addict, why you are having these dark circles like an drug addict ""
    Even my friends are considering me sick.
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    This stuff will put you in a rabbit hole so deep you don't know where to turn. 1 day at a time and lots of work and dedication will beat this.
  3. PegasusKid

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    I'm not sure why they're saying that, that's a really weird thing to randomly suggest if you don't have a history of substance abuse but if you aren't already try taking care of your basic needs like eating whole foods that'll give you energy, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water and getting some form of movement or exercise in your life.
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    Addiction is the same, no matter the drug. The essential mechanism is the massive amounts of dopamine your brain is used to, and the lack of drive ("motivation") that you feel whitout them.

    Dopamine is not the NT of pleasure, is the NT of reward. It's the biological way your brain gives you drive to do things that are (or your brain consideres) good for you. Of course, you don't need that biological drive to do things, as we are humans, and we can decide over our acts (unlike animals), but it makes doing hard or unpleasing tasks easier.

    Dopamine is released as a reward after achieving a goal, like finding and eating food, social or self achivements, or mating. It causes a pleasurable feeling that comes after fulfilling a need.

    But it can be hacked. In an experiement with rats, scientist discovered that when supplying endless amounts of dopamine to rats, they stopped mating, eating and drinking, as their brains interpreted that their needs were being met. The rats eventually died.

    The addiction mechanism is simple: you recieve a great reward without really accomplishing anything. Your brains interprets your needs are being met. And those dopamine shots are so high, that anythings else pales in comparison. There are not natural stimulies that can be compared to porn and masturbation. (You are "having sex" with endless "females",
    -and that is a great achievement which deserves a great reward).

    Those are the superestimuli, or supernatural estimuli. It was discovered when a scientist painted fake eggs which shinier and more attracting colors, that forced bird's brains to abandon their own eggs to protect the fake ones.

    When you recieve massive and continious shots of dopamine, 3 things happen: first, you get used to it and you crave more. Second, every other stimuli and its reward are insignificant, and theres no biological motivation to pursue them (notice the word "biological", meaning that with your intellect and will you can decide what to do, overcoming your biological drive/ tendencies). Third, your brain interprets that all your needs are being met, so there's no need to make any effort.
    There's no need to walk upright (or pridely i would say, as you walk effortlessly). There's no need to achieve any goal, nor for you nor for others.

    There's no need to do anything. But to satisfy the addiction's dopamine demands.
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  5. Nugget9

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    Any addiction will put you in a rabbit hole. Try balancing your life and putting certain things off to the side like porn because it is an addiction that has no positivity.
  6. JoeinMD

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    Are you losing a lot of sleep, eating unhealthy, not getting activity? Are you depressed, or is it all an external thing?
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