Why I am losing and I need your help.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by papashango1, Aug 22, 2014.

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    I joined NoFap 2 months back and am struggling. You can see my PMO Tracker below and see how after a good run initially I have started to give in. I am 22 and just starting a job after college.

    It just seems so attractive. Watching porn. After three-four days... doing things and studying becomes difficult because my mind just craves for porn. I had a full blown head-ache today as my mind wouldn't let me do anything but it wanted porn. After I masturbated(to watching porn) and finished up my head instantly became much lighter.

    I dont know but when I go without porn for 3-4 days there is this load which keeps developing and porn seems like the best way to release it.

    Motivation is an issue as well. I wrote down the reasons why I should not watch porn(I know it will stop me from realising my full potential in life) but my mind just doesnt seem to care. All it wants is porn and more of it just so that I can masturbate. I dont casually watch porn(always watch it to masturbate and close it as soon as I am done). I have a girlfriend but she lives in a different city and will not join me in my city till the next year. She is supportive and I really want to stop doing it for her but I am just not able to do it.

    One thing I am contemplating is masturbating but not to porn. I will try to imagine scenarios in my head and masturbate. What do you guys think? I so want to get rid of this habit but at the back of my mind I know that I do want to watch porn,that dopamine hit feels so good. This is what disappoints me.

    I want to get rid of this habit. I wish it was easy.
  2. MelancholyWeightlifter

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    Time will heal the addiction. Give it time and the terrible urges will lessen. I wouldn't recommend masturbating, as you are just reinforcing the same dopamine pathways.
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    Have determination my boy..i am 21 and struggling..i wont give up
  4. PsycheMagician

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    We are all on the same road bro, dont give up, remember: the prize is better!
  5. Your Stories is almost same as mine.But,I can offer you some tips:
    1)Use K9 web Protection.Make a new email address,register k9 with it and then delete your email.
    2)if you Use laptop or PC,set the wallpaper of the girl you love,It will force you to think twice about watching porn.
    3) Find daily inspiration,tbh,NoFap isn't so inspiring for our daily lives,And i bet you that NoFap Becomes boring after 3-4 days of NoPMO.Try to Watch Youtube videos,inspirational or even Short Love Stories,It will bulk up your Desire to quit Porn.
    4) Come and help others here on NOFap.It Feels Great to help somebody. :)
    Good Luck!
  6. Province

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    Hit the gym hard!That way you can use the pent up energy for something productive instead of damaging your mind, plus I find it much easier to study if I've been exercising.Cold showers are also really helpful for getting rid of those urges and boy do you feel like a real man after. Keep believing and you can do it, nothing good ever comes easy!

    Also dont hang around on these forums all the time, use them when your thinking about relapsing. I find spending to much time messing about on my PC makes it harder. Good luck.
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  7. My advice: As dumb as it sounds, put child protection on your internet browser to make sure you can't go on adult sites. Want proof? Just beat my record. It's a little thing that goes a long way
  8. Climbinghigh

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    If getting rid of this habbit was easy this website wouldn't exist. One thing that you need to know about porn is that it is not the problem. Watching porn a side effect of the problem. You need to identify what in your life is causing you to want to watch porn and you need to work on solving that problem. My problem that has caused me to turn to porn in the past is loneliness and often sadness. I find that when I address those two issues in my life the desire to view porn dies down tremendously.

    Another thing that will help you kick your addiction is getting an accountability partner or joining a support group. These things help remind you daily that watching porn should not be an option that you make available to yourself. I encourage you to make a thread or reply to a post here. Also in combination with some form of an accountability partner I find that visiting this site daily and integrating yourself into the community also help. ONE LAST THING! I highly recommend installing porn blocking software on all devices that you have access to the internet on. k9, covenant eyes, and qustodio are all decent blocking software.
  9. papashango1

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    I am humbled by the responses I have got. Thank you so much. NoFap is the most supporting community on the internet. Thank you.

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