Why I contemplate castration

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vilcox, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Vilcox

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    Here's the thing. Before I discovered masturbation I got violent temper tantrums several time a week. I cannot get angry in a normal, controlled manner. If I get angry, I burn out completely and want to see the destruction of the entire Cosmos, including myself. If you have read the original entry, you can see that I was not emotionally well-functioning before puberty either. On the contrary, probably without masturbation as a coping mechanism I would be in jail or more likely in permanent mental care.

    Gym doesn't work either. It makes me angrier. And there's full of masculine guys at gym, and I feel threatened by masculine guys. They love to give advice too if I'm training the wrong way, and then my response would be "SHUT UP! YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME!" and then I would kick at my machine and leave.
  2. You are probably in a really fucked up state of mind right now and if you do have them removed you will never get tham back. We have balls for a reason. If you do it then you will not be able to produce testosterone and you will feel weak and probably wish that you were dead. Please do not do this to yourself man
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  3. Monster Carrot

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    You might benefit from using medicinal cannabis. I've heard success stories for people with severely violent autism or behavior disorders. It gives a somewhat lasting relief period which makes a big difference.
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  4. Hezeru

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    find a good Doctor , I mean psychologist not surgeon :D
  5. HipPete

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    If you want to do better for yourself, try to find whatever works for you. If excessive masturbation soothes the mind, so be it. I think the underlying cause is your ability to feel empathy. I don't know if there is a solution but with you expressing that on this forum, it looks like you want this to be known to weight out your options. The vast majority of people on here are helpful and very sympathetic of your condition. I would suggest channeling that energy to something else, maybe you could join the army or work in the law enforcement field so that you can both find pleasures and be benefiting society. You are somebody, don't forget that.
  6. That is a vile thing to say! :mad: Why do you discriminate against people with a developmental disorder like autism? :mad:
  7. Vilcox

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    Believe me, my first impulse if I'm wrong or make a mistake is to assault myself physically.

    My self-image is that of a dominant alpha, and most other males (and females) want me to be some kind of beta figure. I could not accept that in school, so I sought out those whom I could control, even if they did not know how to tie their shoelashes. I am not a nice person, not one bit.
  8. Vilcox

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    It has destructive effects on the brain. Besides, it is illegal in this country.
  9. RedPillRebooter

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    You're about to cut your balls off and you're worried about the law?
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  11. lantti

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    And you even have high morals. Violent, high morals, autistic...

    You were born in wrong century, in wrong place in wrong country:) Also you were raised wrong.

    Hmmm.... do not chop off your balls:cool:
  12. Soon to be nutless too...

    @Vilcox I just don't get you man. You already seem to have a good list of shit in your life, why dig your hole even deeper by cutting your balls off...

    Stawp! Work on getting better instead of ruing yourself even more...
  13. ThePMOdestroyer

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    if the problem is you wanting low sex drive then take up Brahmacharya mode or monk mode for another year or two.

    Dont cut off your balls .
    man they are your definition,learn meditation and do it as long as you can

    it will help you calm your Aggressive nature and use it where nweded .eg at work to gain more money.

    secondly Sex may be overrated at your age but if you arent Asexual you have to face the thing in your mind that you are alone and no one can make you happy,only yourself.

    castration is not the correct solution .you may even end up Regretting it.
    Go to the root of your problem.

    find the root of your probelms first .take some time off daily and observe your inner world ,what pops up what not.

    once you get clear about yourself you would find you have lot of problems to work on.

    dont give up.Work on problems one by one.

    Set a target for yourself that you wanna become best version of yourself by the time youre 35 .

    And see the changes.

    dont Castrate yourself ,Your Anger has no relation with testes.there is deeper issue

    And about disinterest in sex.its mainly due to Porn addictiin.

    Go 90 day monk mode. and do it seriously.

    I guarantee you something would change positively in your life
  14. WTF man?! The guy has some mental problems and he considers castration because of that. I don't support it, but at least it makes a little bit of sense in that situation. But to think to cut your balls off just because bad breakup! WTF is wrong with you man lol! :emoji_scream:
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  15. Headspace

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    Only yesterday I read an article about people born intersexual. There was this woman who had testicles inside her body. Doctors wanted to remove them because "they don't belong into a female body". So they lied to her, explaining that these testicles carry a huge risk of testicle cancer, and, although perfectly healthy, removed them. Afterwards the woman fell into depression. She said her body felt like a pile of flesh to her, nothing more. Only after starting to inject testosterone her psychological state went back to normal. [Years later she found out that the doctors had lied to her; she would have kept her testicles otherwise and would probably have avoided all the psychological trouble and wasted years of her life.]

    So, whatever you do @Vilcox, please consider all the side-effects. If the same happens to you and you'll need to inject testosterone, the sacrifice would have been useless. On the other hand, you are a different person. I just wanted to tell you this.
  16. Metal Bat

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    Well, osteoporosis isn't that bad, is it?
  17. lostandfound

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    Your balls are a part of who you are. Without them you will see changes that you would never have expected. sounds to me like you need some discipline kicked into you if you are violent(ever thought of joining the military?). If being a eunuch is what you want then go for it but i think you are going to deeply regret it once the reality grips you. People kill themselves after altering their bodies because they do not fully realize the gravity of what theyve done. Probably going to get shit for this but try some hallucinogenic drugs (mushrooms or acid). They have a way of digging out whats going on in your head and will help you grow and provide reason to situations. Good luck anyways. I hope you choose to keep your balls. I have a feeling that your fate will be very dark if you remove them
  18. To me it just seems like a cowards way out. (Assuming that it even would work, which it probably would not. You would still be longing for love, connection and romance in your life. Cos sex drive and lust does not have that much to do with those things. Getting rid of sex drive would just do that and leave everything else still there. Hence mutilating yourself for nothing. ) Instead of building their emotional maturity and strength, which would make them overall more better, stronger and happy person, people decide to run from life by castrating themselves. I just don't understand some people. So irrational.
  19. JesusGreen

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    Destructive effects on the brain? You mean, as opposed to the totally non-destructive effects of depriving yourself of the centre that produces your most vital hormones as a man - which regulate many of both your brain and body's functions?

    Castration will not produce the effect you think it will. In fact, putting yourself into the supremely low testosterone state you'd be in post castration will likely make your anger issues WORSE.

    As for your addiction? I'm speaking here as someone who was an addict for years. I can tell you that simply taking a drastic measure like that to deprive yourself of your desire to use DOES NOT work, whatsoever.

    If you're as addicted as you say you are, then I can already tell you what will happen when you get castrated. First of all, you'll enter a phase of depression, feeling completely unmotivated, with no desire to live, or do anything with your life. The anger won't be gone, in fact it'll start growing, because now you'll be angry at the fact that your solution didn't work. You're still addicted to masturbation, so now you're stuck with a dilemma, you no longer have the sex drive to masturbate, but you still have the addiction driving you to do so.

    So now, being an addict, you will set out to find a way around that. The most likely course of action you'll take is finding yourself some testosterone, and starting to take testosterone gel or injections to restore your old sex drive.

    Now you're without balls, shooting up testosterone, probably fapping more than before, depressed, angry at yourself for your mistake and at everyone else for allowing you to go that far.

    There you go. I almost always find this to be the case, that people actually inadvertently describe the real solution to their problems while discussing other options. Get yourself a prescription for anti-psychotics. They're certainly not the world's best medicine, and I don't suggest using them unless you have to, but cutting your balls off is not going to leave you feeling "harmonic on the inside" like zyprexa did, not in the slightest. If you want that feeling/effect that zyprexa gave you, then take zyprexa, it's really that simple.
  20. MellowFellow

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    Do you think your fantasies about being a woman and desire for castration could be something like gender dysphoria?

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