Why I don't need God/Religion in my life

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  1. thatoneguy123

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    Also Jews say fuck Christmas Christians say fuck Jews.
    Muslims say there stupid shit about the "disbelievers" a persons character is more important than the label
  2. Hezeru

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    okay , what would be factual source then? Catechism of the Catholic Church ? Please understand that this whole book is so mixed up, where you have Genesis creation - day 3 : God made plants and trees, and on day 4 he made the Sun and Moon. Wtf? How can trees live without sun? Magic? And those weird stories about man living in fish or plagues of Egypt.. frogs falling from the sky :confused: I can't take it serious.
    I'll leave you a meme that maybe open your eyes a little bit or make you laugh, because I don't want to talk about this, I know how stubborn people are.
    And I'm going to sleep soon , so goodnight.
  3. thatoneguy123

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    Lmao.. We're on earth because someone ate an apple from the forbidden tree lol. Now this is starting to sound like those crazy cartoons that come on after midnight xD
  4. thatoneguy123

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    One thing we know earth is a hell realm and here Satan is God of earth. I can't think of a better more meaningful life purpose then to expose the evil in this world. This place is heaven for materialistic people. Some are here to suffer. Some volunteered to save earth.it seems our souls come from differnt places and differnt ages. Some even at a very young age know something is wrong with this world and others seem like they have no chance of waking up at all
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  5. I Free I

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  6. Spiff

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    I agree with you. Allow me an observation - though - from one who has not been on this forum long.

    In these threads which turn into God vs. no God, it seems like those who profess to believe in God, for the most part, with exceptions, post their beliefs in a more or less civil manner. Many of those who argue against God, with exceptions of course, tend to throw insults and condescension into their posts. Sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly. I could go through and throw a bunch of quotes up, but I think if anyone looks objectively through these threads (although one was apparently deleted due to the depths it fell to) they would see the same thing. If I'm wrong and blinded by my own opinion, I apologize.

    Opinions and thoughts are great. Just leave out all the stuff about religion being B.S. and living under a lie and how lousy our God would be if he were real, and how ignorant we are. It contributes nothing to anybody. I feel as though it is possible to explain a position in a positive manner, rather than negative. Explain why your idea is good, without resorting to simply saying why the other is so bad.

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  7. If HE exists? Why not SHE? You accept the concept of the God which once was created by people many centuries ago.

    Same question I have. Why Latinboy is spending so much time in something he does not believe in?

    Why talking about hell? I like to talk about heaven. Heaven on earth - where else? "The kingdom of heaven is inside of you" - ever heard? In fact there is incredible suffering in this world and there is also incredible love and joy in this world. I choose joy.

    Exactly. There is much more to this.

    They all have their concepts. I don't believe in the God of concepts - I believe in the God I can feel in my heart .

    I was wondering where the fundamental Christians are in this thread. Finally they appear.

    Of course you are able to say it. But which benefit will it bring to you?

    It's scientifically proved that the universe was created within 7 days. ;)

    I don't know anybody who can take it serious.
  8. It comes both ways, I have been insulted by religious people saying my Atheism is just another religion, and that I hate god or that I have no moral compass.

    However, I do have to point out that ridiculing and insulting are two different things, and most of the times religious individuals are not keen to accept mockery because they hold their beliefs sacred, but sadly in a free world nothing should be above ridicule. If a person is offended they are in their right to be so, but no one has the right to not be offended.
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  9. You should get out more! :p
  10. Male and female are defined by our genitals, I expressed a sex due to language, but to me god is a fictional character, so it makes no difference if I refer to it as a he or a she.

    Not a whole lot of time, I go months without giving god a thought, I was looking at the forum and noticed a lot of god threads, so I wanted to join in and share my point of view. However when I hear someone ask this question is sounds more like you wish to silence me, as if an Atheist has no opinion in the subject, because clearly you don't want to hear it. You could just leave and not read it if it bothers you so much :)

    Yeah it's yet another concept, the bible shows a vengeful god, then in the new testament he has a kid or he's the kid and he's more chill, but the people who follow this religion each have a different god in their heads, one who cares about you and loves you and blah blah blah, no one really cares about what the bible has to say, in fact, they prefer not to read it and imagine their own perfect version of god. It's easier that way.

    We are emotional creatures who get attached to things, even if they are not real, I cried when I saw a character die in an anime or in a videogame, yet this character wasn't real. Just because you "Feel" god in your heart it means absolutely nothing to me.

    Why do I need an ulterior motive to start a conversation? lol

  11. Themadfapper

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Neal Degrasse Tyson ^ believe in 'string theory'. Isn't string theory the belief in parallel dimensions, alternate realities, time travel.


    a quick Google shows that he isn't a proponent of it.
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  12. At least those who speak of string theory arent talking about the supernatural, just the possibility that there are higher dimensions that vibrate at different frequencies.
  13. Spiff

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    I think what you're saying here is that no beliefs are so sacred that they are above criticism. I agree. I generally think that people who are overly offended by criticism of their beliefs aren't very strong in them. I'm not personally offended - and I would never tell you that you don't have the right to question or point out perceived errors in my or anyone else's ideas.

    But ridicule is another matter. What is gained by ridicule? It is a superficial effort to make one seem better than the other, it is not an honest effort to engage the other. building oneself up by putting down another is a band aid over a wound that needs stitches. The way to build ourselves up is through a humble exchange of ideas.
  14. Well spoken.
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  15. I didn't expect anything else. Love is a feeling and it sounds like you are light years away from it. ;)
  16. Just throwing this out there: The words "eternal" and "forever" in the bible do not mean infinite, but a period of time if you look up the etymology. Infinite fate, whether heaven or hell, is the biggest misconception in Christianity. My belief is that even truly evil people will seize to see punishment in the afterlife. How intense or long the hell is depends on their heart, until they learn to truly love others again, rather than hatred, resentment, etc.

    Even being really close to Jesus, I still realize the fact that the bible was written by man. On top of it, it has been edited and revised over thousands of years, purposely too to install fear. This is why I always keep an open mind on everything.
  17. Mockery or ridicule can create perspective. People tell for example the story of Noah's ark and maybe see it as something sacred, but if you ridicule it you might see it differently later on.

  18. I used to love Santa Clause so I know what you're going through buddy
  19. Punishing a bunch of ignorant apes on a remote planet of one solar system of billions in a galaxy of trillions just seems ridiculous for a superior being IMO

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