Why I ejaculated without any pen*s stimulation?? -Need help-

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Mission Impossible Quit PMO, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Hi everyone.
    I was on day 13, And at day 12, I feel strong urges full day and at night I edged for some time without any pen*s stimulation.After that I wake up at morning and again was urges so that I watched P*rn again for sometime without pen*s stimulation.I take a break for few hours and again started watching P for sometime without stimulation but this time it was something strange for me.
    I was watching p*rn and suddently I feel some pleasure and then had an org*sm and then ejaculation.As I told that I was watching P without any stimulation.
    So why do I have ejaculation without pumping pen*s or stimulation?.
    I cant understand it..
    And also i know its relapse.
    Anyone who experienced the same thing,please reply below.
    Is it possible to have an org*m and ejaculation by just watching p*rn and without stimulation?.
    Also I am suffering from premature ejaculation, is this the cause of ejaculation?
    I dont think so
  2. backapollyon

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    Just dont peek. That things will happen if you peek. I think that should've been in a wet dream and your body wanted to unload, but in some way you were forcing it because you were stimulating your vision, just dont watch porn and it should only happen to you a wet dream
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    This is when you relapsed. Whether you cum or not is neither here nor there. Edging is the most damaging behaviour. :oops:
  4. BetterMeandI

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    Remember that P is hyper stimulating, it happened to me as well, I did not M yet I came by just watching P, that is what s**ual tension does with some form of stimulation. Yes you may not touch there, but some form of stimulation is enough. Best to just not watch P overall, I know it is hard, I am still fighting, but there is no other way to heal..
  5. Lots of good advice.
    Same story here.
    Started NoFap in 2017, made it 39 days clean, watched some P and blew my load without even touching.

    Or, wait. Maybe that was just before I started NoFap.

    The point is, eventually you will see that you need to give it all up. Porn really is the worst aspect. It's more stimulation than our brains were designed to handle. If nothing else . . . give up the porn.

    Edging will also get you in trouble. Sure, you might be able to play with yourself for awhile, and get a rush of good feelings, all without having an orgasm. But that puts your reproductive organs into high gear and eventually all that pressure is going to have to come out somewhere. You might have an orgasm complete with erection, ejaculation and emission or you might have some odd combination of these like an emission without an erection or the feelings of orgasm in your brain coupled with a retrograde emission.

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