Why i quit NoFap and why Fapping and Sex is good for you.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Balkanray, Aug 30, 2020.

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    Nofap is subjective in the sense that different people will experience different results if they try it.
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    So the OP did and didn't like the results, for which he got attacked. That is the problem.
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    He wasn't attacked though, he just had people disagreeing with him and he completely flipped out. Mods had to come in and edit a lot of his posts and they locked the thread for a while before reopening it.
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    I just love your sarcastic sense of humor. Reminds me of my husband, lol.
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    It effects everyone differently for me when I relapse I get nervous in social situations where as when I don't relapse for a week I am much more calm and confident.

    Its weird I almost turn into a completely different person.
  6. <3
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    Lol mutual admiration society
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    Why is this presented as a dichotomy? NoFap doesn't stop you from relaxing, enjoying the world, connecting with people, etc. You can have those things independent of if you masturbate or not. In my case, and the case of many others, porn addiction has made it harder to achieve those things. I can't even have a close friendship with 50% of the population as a direct consequence of my porn use. That might not be your case, but it is mine and you shouldn't make blanket statements without elaborating that. You have to keep in mind that most people here are struggling with a mental addiction, and its a little insensitive for you to promote it here.

    Again, do what's best for yourself, but don't promote it as if your experience is anything but your own.
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    NoFap Defender

    If you punched your parents you're just a little man who's worthless
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    My friend, the pleasure from masturbation will pass away and you will be left in sorrow. Quit desiring the women's beauty in your heart and quit letting them capture you with their eyes. They are not worth your time. It is extremely simple to quit masturbation. The reason why many people don't know is because they never read the scriptures of the true God. Don't be wise in your own eyes and don't be foolish. Listen to what I've said and turn away from your disgusting acts before you completely destroy yourself
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    I like what you you wrote. I am a single Christain man never married...you are right on.
  12. A.K.95

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    Just because you have anger issues, does not mean you became this extreme by Nofap. I did Nofap for 480+ days before my relapse and gelt happy ALL THE FUCKING TIME! So, have yourself checked before talking us back to fapping.

    By the way, NoFap is about abstaining from porn and masturbation. You can have sex any time you want.
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  13. A.K.95

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    Just accept your fucking baldness @Balkanray dont say stupid things like not fapping is the case of your fucking baldness.... bullshitter
  14. TheGreatTiger

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    I partially agree with you.

    Nofap increases testosterone and testosterone can increase aggression, stress levels, and feelings of anger. But it doesn't have too.

    The solution I've found is pairing No PMO with a daily practice of Meditation.

    Meditation every single day with a focus on loving kindness and relaxation changes you. It can take that bubbling energy and transform it into love, joy, and focus.

    It is a skill however and takes consistency, energy, and focus to get good enough to see changes. It's not easy but I think it's worth it.

    I understanding that fapping is easy and works for your lifestyle, but for other's reading I strongly recommend pairing your nofap with a daily practice of meditation if you are having problems with stress or aggression.

    I use a free habit tracker app for my practice as well as a free app with a timer to ensure every day I do ten minutes. If you can't find ten minutes in your day to meditate, perhaps thinking about how to better optimize and prioritize your tasks will work.

    As far as Balding, testosterone and stress both accelerate it. Meditation lowers stress, so it could possible be part of a solution for it. There are also other things that can help with balding and a combination approach may be required. I'm not denying fapping works for you for this problem, just pointing out that their might be different options that work best for different people.
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  15. Helluvanight

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    The problem with porn and masturbation for most people, is not the act of watching porn itself, but rather that they use it as a coping mechanism for something, e.g. stress. You should be doing this one thing, this assignment for college, this homework, and it stresses you out, because it is difficult. Then you go on a 2 hour porn binge watch, masturbate, after that you feel fine, your procrastination becomes extreme, the assignment you hand in is shit, because you wrote it at 4 in the morning last minute and now you suffer. The goal of nofap is to get rid of this damaging, vicious circle. You force yourself to face the problems in your life, and by doing this, you improve your quality of life. If this was not the problem in the first place, well, nofap will not solve any underlying problem. Also, you are wired to have sex, so have sex after rebooting your brain, just don't use pornography, because all you do is stare at pixels on a screen.
    One last thing: Can you easily go two weeks without watching porn? Great, porn is probably not the thing you should worry about. If you can't, then you have an addiction, which you should adress.
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  16. SickSicko

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    Bruh those are the kind of guys I like and respect the most.

    What? You are mixing two things here, NoFap, and Monk-like semen retention, two different things, and even those that fit in the latter miss the point of what semen retention is about.

    That's why semen retention needs to be paired with mindfulness and relaxing stuff. Oxytocin vs Cortisol, it doesn't has to be a wank to get the oxytocin pumping mate. And sex is absolutely alright, although it can drain you too, hence the existance of sex addiction.

    You scum, not any amount of excuses can make up for this in my book. And that comes from a person that consider himself to be seriously mental-ill for doing some very disturbing things in the past.

    Let me get this straight to you, although you may have been into the NoFap journey far longer than I have, you are troubled, and that has nothing to do with not wanking, is your own unresolved issues, probably the ones that lead to you to be a wanker to begin with.

    It changes you? I bet it does, the problem is that if you are a bastard you will be a bastard with energy and confidence and not a toned down one, and believe me, it feels great to be toned down, you get along with people much better, instead of being on the brink of stabbing or punching someone because you didn't like how they replied to you.

    Get your own issues sorted. And don't mix NoFap, with No-sex semen retention.
    You may have some experience in what relates to NoFap, I won't deny that, it would be stupid of me to do so, you lack self-awareness and life experience....disagree if you want, I'm entitled to my opinion, you are entitled to yours.

    All the best to you mate.
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  17. Agent

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    Sex is good for you, fornication is not. Porn is not good, neither masturbation.
  18. vibemaker

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    My Journal
    It is all about BALANCE.

    You do need to have balance in your life, and that comes with defining different core needs for yourself. So if you say, you feel stressed out and in warrior mode all the time, when doing Semen Retention... I can kind of empathize with you. But only partly. F.e. you say a lot of people were intrigued by you... Well, that honestly doesn't come as a surprise... Why? Because most people are used to living a fucking MEDIOCRE LIFE. And when they see someone who goes beyond that they will feel uncomfortable. Because they get remembered by you, that they could actually leave their comfort zone as well. --> This is a well known social effect. When someone grows out of his old self, people (often unconsciously) try to stop them from doing so.

    On the other hand I don't think Semen Retention is the reason for this. You'll probably just lack balance. What other things do you do to relax yourself?
    When doing Semen Retention for a long time it is important to know how to keep this energy in movement. Cause otherwise it will NEST INTO YOU. And that's why you feel stressed! Ways to do this, is f.e. mediation, going dancing...
    and I'm not speaking here about 5 or 10 minutes meditation a day or some other kid's stuff.

    Sex is good. Fapping to porn definitely isn't.

    If you want to life a mediocre life, where you probably never be really fulfilled cause you don't live up to your potential... do it like all the other sheeps in the mass and keep swimming with them. Just to be liked by a bunch of people, who actually don't strive for their dreams.

    If you want to BUILD something special, learn who to use this energy, stay in balance, identify your core needs, take responsibility for them... But don't even look at porn once.
  19. PanteriMauzer

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    Thats a based country! Serbs dont need nofap, Serbs are alphas since birth ! FOR SERBIA ! FOR ORTHODOXY! SERBIAN ARTILLERY IS LED BY GOD!! LONG LIVE SERBIA!

    On my personal experience, it depends on how much, and also on what you are fapping, nofap really helped me with alot of things , im a much better person than before, but its not just because of nofap, its because also for self improvment, self worth, and honnestly maturity, im 22 im much better than i was with 18 !
    But nofap alone wont lead you anywhere , you need to fight always ! With God help!
    Fortunally i didnt experienced ever much withdrawls sintoms , so doing nofap really helps me, flatline i also think i never experienced it either honneslty, maybe just 1 or 2 days , but it depends from person to person and also depends on how much were you addicted before
    Some people who do nofap, for what i read here looks like more their torturing themselfs than doing nofap....fucking weird

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