Why I stopped playing video games

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by RealLifeGamer, May 1, 2016.

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    And the disgusting shit these guys say to other players...it's just beyond me. I have no problem with people hanging there 24/7, I don't give a shit, do what you want. But to tell me that it doesn't affect you at all is both a lie and a self-deception. Just look at the way gamers interact. Just look how many of them hate the whole world and see everyone else as morons. How easily irritated they get. Coincidence? As I said, do whatever you want with your life, but no thanks.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I deleted my games bout 12 days ago. It was sad at the time, erasing all the work I had put into them. But now I realize that it was sadder that I had erased half a year of my life.
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  5. Nintendo are nice people. I like them as a company. Unfortunately only downside of them is that they don't actually make any good games...

    That's right! I said it! Come at me fangirls!
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    I'm a fangirl!!! [​IMG]
    Hahaha, it's a matter of opinion, I guess. I love most of their games, and devote quite a lot of my time to it.
    I'm not addicted, though, I only play when I want to. It's nice to have a bit of fun every now and then!
    And sure, it's not a cheap hobby... but much cheaper than guns or cars [​IMG]
    I've got a GBC, a GBA SP, an N64, a Wii and a Wii U. And I don't regret getting any of them [​IMG]
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    Hey Dizzy Lotus, I will put something there to think for you.

    I am not inherently against Playing video games. (only against MMORPGS because they eat you lifetime away)

    In my opinion, video games give you something that you lack in real life, either they distract you from problems or they give you a feeling of bliss, they may take away your lonliness or just make you feel good.

    Now anyone/most people who puts a lot of time into videogames is emotionally dependent on them.

    The problem is that without video games you lack the good feelings or the bliss.

    It is all a thing of mindset.

    Your body is young, you are young, don´t waste your youth on a electronic device. Play video games when you are old, there´s enough time left. don´t let your desires and feelings control you.

    Start feeling good about yourself and your real life, if you don´t do already.

    accomplishments in reality are so much more satisfying and fullfílling than in games.
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    Great post, I quit in September, your reasons for quitting are surprisingly similar to mine. All the time invested in video games and I was getting nothing out of it, also twitchtv streams, that is a lot worse in my opinion as you are watching someone else play a game. I have lots of time now to accomplish things, I can study freely over the year instead of rushing last minute and planning my day around my league of legends ranked games.
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    A good thought and well put, thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
    But I really think it doesn't work for me like that. Surely, it has happened in the past... but then I just stopped playing that game for a while. I can definitely go without games, and I can definitely go with games. It's purely a choice to game, to have fun and, indeed, accomplish something.
    It's true that accomplishments in real life often feel better. But sometimes, spending some of your time playing a game can actually help you get accomplishments in reality. And it surely doesn't take away from them, as long as you only play when you want to, and stop when you want to.

    Now internet... that's a whole different story. I can't see myself living without reliable access to the internet.
  10. DTC

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    I genuinely spent the majority of my free time playing video games all throughout secondary school (ages 11-18). When I started uni I gradually lost the desire to play them.

    Now the only times I ever play them are multiplayer splitscreen very occasionally at a friend's house - but that hardly ever happens.

    I agree they are generally a waste of time. I have read few great works of literature, can play no musical instruments, can speak no foreign languages - all of this could have been totally different if I hadn't wasted my life playing video games.

    However, one thing which holds me back from totally condemning playing video games (and watching lots of TV shows) altogether is that in many people's social contexts a lot of their peers will be into gaming and/or watching TV. If you abstain from such popular pursuits altogether you may find you have less topics to chat about!
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    In my social circle no one calls himself a gamer. Some play an ego shooter and some others fifa. But none spends the majority of their time on them
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    Nice accomplishment. I still play video games but since nofap I don't feel the need to play them as much, my time spent on video games has significantly decreased because I have realized they have no benefit and are essentially just a waste of time. I think you can play video games sometimes if you play with a friend you know, because then it's really fun. But spending tons of hours is a waste of time.
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  13. Jungler

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    I still have to overcome this.
    I have been an avid gamer for most my life, and would spend a reasonable amount of time playing videogames for boredom and to stimulate my brain.
    I really regret every single hour spent infront of a screen, and when I was younger it was even worse, terrible sleep schedule along with bad grades and no friends.
    I've matured now, I don't play that much now due to work, and I'm having a positive outlook now that I don't have much contanct with my pc. But when I'm done working for the season, I want to relax and sit back playing games.
    So this year I'm thinking of keeping myself occupied with different activities such as hitting the gym, taking surf-board lessons and get back to School where I left it.
    Additionally, I don't play mmorpgs anymore. They were the worst time absorbing games I have played. Somehow my preferences have morphed into a lighter version of gaming. Now it's just the occasional fps or offline games that gets me most. So in a no matter of time, I won't be struggling that hard once I'm done with videogames. Hopefully.
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    Games are designed to be addicting and cost a lot of money so the companies who make them to keep making money. I started to notice that as newer games came out they started having rewards that you earn from playing which is almost like the dopamine reward system in the brain. Which causes me to wonder are the games just addiciting the players through these reward systems. Also, with players being able to buy the rewards they spend tons of money to get that rush of dopamine they get from every package or reward opened. After realizing all this I think I'm going to try and break this addiction along with my pornography addiction. Let's see if I can cut down on playing Xbox or at least shorten the hours I play each day.
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    If you play war thunder the whole community is morons. You dogfight just above the treetops and ignore all the bombers flying 5000 feet above you and then wonder why your team always loses. Come on, you're using mouse aim, you don't even have to worry about stalling during high G maneuvers people!
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    What games do you play?
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  17. TheDancingPotato

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    Same here, i gave up because I wanted to stop wasting my time and energy and make something out of myself.
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    I've quit gaming about 2 months ago,didn't play even one minute.. I was/am addicted,was spending 8+hours daily for years. I didn't find it hard to quit,sure there was a withdrawal and boredom (there still is) , but the thing is i became to hate those wasted hours on the pc so it is easier now than if i tried a few years back..

    I have much more free time,began to focus on gym and nutrition more,and sports overall. But still there are time holes to fill in,so i decided to go back to college and start studying again. Not playing video games and having all that free time makes it easier to make plans,to reflect on your position and choose the path. But sometimes it's scary quiet you know,and not fapping makes it more challenging to endure. Socialising helps,but tbh I declined so much in that department that i don't find hanging out quite as enjoyable as being alone and gaming (yet). It will take some time for me to pick up where i left before those nasty habits. Now when i am bored,instead of gaming,i go and cycle for a couple of hours,or go hit a gym,make some meals,read some books.. Or i hang around here and check the forums and keep up with this nofap community.

    I hope that i can make myself free of these addictions and to find ways to truly enjoy life.
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    Looks like we are in the same boat :) I am also game-free for 2 months.
    I can't balance gaming with real life, I either play or I don't. If I play I am nolifer and there is nothing else in life that interest me.
    So, it is either stop playing all together or play all the time.

    Wish I could play for like hour or two each day and than stop.

    I am thinking about installing some of the offline games so I might actually try to moderate mine gaming, but I am 90% sure that it won't work. Still, I will probably try it because games used to relax me.
    As for online games, well, I am done with that because there is no way to limit it :)
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    Yeah it's like there are no brakes man,i can't just play 30 minutes and then take a break,i go all in :D nowdays since i try to not game at all and go for 90 days in no gaming detox,it's hard to find time fillers because all i did in the past for entertainment was gaming.

    I don't know man,offline games can't be time suckers as well,RPGs esp.. My last session was 10~ hours on skyrim,wasn't even eating,since you can eat there :D was preparing bunch of food haha
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