Why in the f'ing world is the normal spelling of P.a.x.i.l. a forbeiddebn word?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Immature, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Why in the f'ing world is the normal spelling of P.a.x.i.l. a forbidden word? That shit is just stupid.

    It's worth it for people to know that P.a.x.i.l can make it absolutely impossible for a man to orgasm. But if I try and post anything about it without the dots, I get a big security warning and cannot post with the word in there.

    Did Alexander somebody here have a bad reaction to the stuff, or what?

    What else is in the stupid forbidden words list? Other anti-depressants? Other meds?
  2. It's a commonly used keyword associated with spammers, the 1000s of bots that attempt to create accounts here to spam links all day every day. Mods tracked which keywords came up the most often and generated a list to help automatically stop the bots from spamming.

    You've probably seen some of the threads that slip through the cracks. 99.99% of threads about it are automatedly posted by spam bots, 100s per day if we allowed it. I can remove it from the spam-associated keyword list and see how it impacts the spam. Viagra is on the list too. etc. Until we get better systems to block spam, we just have to deal with these inconveniences right now because it's better than 100s of spam threads clogging up forums until a mod logs on to clean them up.

    Maybe we can do a CAPCHA for users instead, but that would quickly get annoying.
  3. Oh hell! I forgot about spammers! Now it makes PERFECT sense!

    My apologies!

    One thing many of the spammers do is put a URL as the title. I've seen (and reported) many that do that. Detecting that would stop somemore - although maybe you've done that, I don't remember seeing any of those lately.
  4. What we've got is a sort of captcha, actually.

    I can really appreciate why this was needed.

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