Why insects are the food of the future

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    There is going to be a discovery of a species of insect that actually tastes very good.

    At first, people will think it's weird. However, what will convince them is the great compatibility with the addition of hot sauce.

    It's like this:

    Shrimp is like an ocean insect and looks weird. But if you add some good quality hot sauce, it's amazing. People love spicy shrimp. It's especially popular in New Orleans.

    When people discover a spicy version of the right insect species, it will be a turning point.

    Also, insects are nutrious and can help feed the exploding world population of the future.
  2. They ate insects in many cultures already. Been there for hundreds of years. I doubt it will become mainstream worldwide though. Our anti-insect-food culture is too deeply engraved for it to shift in different direction. What seems to be more popular these days is actually decreasing animal product consumption as public awareness of science regarding negative health effects of these products is increasing. I think in future vegetarianism will be mainstream.

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    Pretty sure they have restaurants now where you can get insects. Grasshoppers, mealworms, and the like.
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    Maybe people are afraid off to try eating an unfamiliar food on their table because of "food poison" texture, looks, and how cockroach live in our bathroom under the sink, cricket with a soft belly and spiky legs, the unusual looks of eating the whole body of them not the meat like we to chew.
    You have a point in connecting land insect to ocean insect and we find easy to adopt eating them especially if the food presentation is very appetizing.
  5. Waldo101

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    Once they figure out a way to make a crispy deep fried insect or worm dish, it will open the doors.
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    Another classic
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    "Honey, what do we have for dinner?"
    "Oh you will love it my dear, some fresh boiled cockroaches with natural worm flavoured sauce!"
  8. And then one day....
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  10. Damn. Shoulda posted Starship Troopers here. But already used that joke. It's all about the timing.

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