Why is it easier this time?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Faptomist, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Faptomist

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    This is my third decent length streak and I am now on day 16 and I'm confused why this time I am not struggling! Now I'm not getting ahead of myself because I know I'm only on day 16 and I need to be mindful that emotions and urges can flair at any point but I am feeling no urges to m I feel pretty much my normal self and can't imagine a relapse happening atm.

    This is the complete opposite to my two previous streaks where I was constantly horny, always looking at triggers just for a glimpse and when day 12 came around both times the flat line hit hard and I was so depressed and saw no point in life. Now since that last streak I have came out the other side of counselling and a meditation course and am genuinely a happier and more stable person now but it definately suprises me that the urges aren't there at least!

    Anyone got any reasons for this? Maybe scientific. I'm just really curious.
  2. avatarivn

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    I am no scientist but perhaps it could be that achieving increasing streaks of porn abstinence is helping the healing become easier over time. My other theory is, since you already know what made you relapse in the past and now you are avoiding those traps, it is easier to keep going.

    In any case, keep fighting the good fight :cool:
  3. Rigel7

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    Not a scientist, but from what I have heard, your brain actually starts recovering from not viewing sexual stimulus. Without dopamine constantly flooding through your head and feeding the addiction, you actually start to regain more control. Keep on going! I'm encouraged to hear that it's getting easier!
  4. icanrockmylife

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    That is a good sign for sure. But STAY ALERTED. Urges will still come to you randomly and you have to be able to shut them down immediately.
  5. Booster

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    Yep Every time you have a streak your training your brain not to use porn, Failing a streak doesn't put you at step 0, not that it should be used as a excuse to pmo. but one PMO is never the problem, Its PMO all the time every day. you are slowly training your brain to live outside the dopamine rush.

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