Why is it easier to feel like crap, than to work hard towards positive change?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by boyrose, Jun 30, 2020.

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    I’m checking in. I’ve been gone for a week, but I haven’t been on vacation; or if you want to call a PMO binge a vacation I guess you can. But then this is the worst vacation I have ever been on, because I feel like oven toasted shit right now. I’m a fat ass who’s gained about 20 pounds and quit working out ever sense the covid shutdown. On top of that, I have been expelling all my sexual energy through PMO. Between not eating a quality diet (and looking and feeling like a fat ass), and not exercising, and not sticking to nofap, it makes me wonder: How much better of a quality of life could I be living (mentally and physically) if I just got those things under control. I think that most anyone would agree: that to get in control of those things would only improve (probably greatly improve) ones quality of life. Realistically, all those things are probably only 90 days away. Three short months for the rest of my life. Which brings up this next question:

    Why is it so dam hard to make a change? PMO is an addiction that will take 90 plus days. But as far as working out and diet, those things are more like just being out of habit and could be greatly improved in just 30 days.

    So like I said above. I have felt like shit physically and mentally for a long time now. So it’s a funny thing isn’t it? Why do we allow ourselves to feel like crap for so long when green fields are only a few short months away if we actually work at the problem and fix it.

    But tomorrow is July 1st and that is a good round number to get started with change. It’s so odd to think about: Just a few short months of hard work and we could be back in control of an area of our life that we don’t like and are struggling with right now. So what are we waiting for? That’s the scientific question I want someone to answer for me: Why do we allow ourselves to live a certain way even if we feel like shit living that lifestyle; when a complete life changing makeover is only a few months away?
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    I know how you feel. I once relapsed 4 times in a week, couldnt even make 3 days without viewing porn. The reason to that is because your brain changes your mood, it will bring up porn thoughts and will give you a horny mood and you fall for it. Then after that, you feel like shit, that's the shit mood it gives you after viewing porn. And then you begin to ask questions about why you can't keep up, because you are free of porn thoughts. Then after a day or some days you get horny again and here we go with the circle.

    What you have to do is combat the horny mood, you need to realise that you will feel like shit after viewing porn. If you relapse, don't discourage yourself, take it as a lesson and always realise about the consequences!

    I relapsed many times and now I'm free from porn. I know all the consequences and it is impossible for me to fall again.
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    The answer is pretty simple, it is normally easy and gratifying in the moment to do all the bad stuff you listed. You feeling horny, pull up some porn and rub one out. You are hungry and unhealthy food taste really good and tends to be readily available. You don't have to do anything to be lazy, just lay around and watch porn and play video games.

    The things that improve you normally take work, effort and discipline. So it is simply easier to do the things that don't. You need to have some vision for your future, make a decision regarding what it is that you really want and work at it. You may not get it all but at least you will be able to achieve something as opposed to winding up feeling sorry for youself because you did not make the effort.

    It is you life bud, so you have to live it. Speaking from my own experience, don't simply let external forces chart your path, where possible you have to guide you ship. Make decision and take actions. My biggest regrets have been failing to act.

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