Why is it so difficult to get a full-time job nowadays?

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    I'm 27 years old and I have never attended college for a degree so I'm kind of curious why it is so hard to find a full-time job today. Is this country messed up? It clearly seems most full-time jobs nowadays require education, though I don't understand why or that's just me? Is there economy problems in the USA?

    First of all, I never have a full-time job before. I worked at IMAX and every employee (except supervisors and managers) has a part-time job.
    Secondly, I work part-time at Lowe's for over a year and I have good wage but the position I'm currently on is mostly part-time because I have to scan the labels of items when they are empty or not in stock and print the worksheets to the employees to order shipments. Yes, my position is part of the administrative office job and I enjoy what I do but I do need a full-time job for my future; seeing the dentist, buying a vehicle, renting an apartment, bills, etc.
    Thirdly, I experience my career for almost 5 years and I've learned lots of things in the past. I struggled to look for one during the Great Recession (2010-2013) and it was an absolute nightmare, which was why nobody hired me until IMAX did in 2014.

    It's a shame everywhere nowadays is part-time for economic reasons or whatsoever. So frustrating.
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  2. Most corporations will hire 2 part time workers rather than hire 1 fulltime worker so they don't have to pay healthcare benefits. It seems like it would be more trouble to employ two people but the money they save in healthcare makes it worth it.

    The labor market is fucked in the US. There are so many appplicants for jobs, employers can be as selective as they want to be. Employers can demand degrees for jobs that they would not require them in the past because there are still so many educated people out of work.
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    This thread deserves more attention.
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  4. Well dude, I don't know about the USA but here in France I feel like there are lots of jobs available (probably mostly part times too if you did not go to universities) but a lot of people prefer staying unemployed because because of our ridiculous system of taxation/socials assistance. Basically you can get more money being unemployed, getting financial aids from the government, not having to pay taxes and eventually doing a little shady or undeclared business on the side than with a proper full-time job. Hurray for socialism my friends
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    The ACA lowered "full time" to 30 hours instead of 40, so jobs typically have fewer hours to avoid required benefits. The glut of college graduates is making "uneducated" people compete with "educated" people for jobs that never required "education" before. Automation is decreasing the number of workers required, or the hours for each worker. We may have "low unemployment", but I believe the numbers are very manipulated, and the real number is about 3 times as much as the official number, and then we're not accounting for "underemployed" people.

    Tl;dr ACA and so many college grads disrupting natural supply and demand for labor.
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    Look, I graduated high school in June 2010 and you're not making a point. Just invalid. Try again.
  7. I actually thought you lived in Europe... Anyway, I'd say it's always best to get a university education if you can because more opportunities will probably be available to you. It's one of the reasons why I'm back in school. It's possible to not have a university education and still do well by starting your own business but of course, your business could fail and you're back to where you started. Over here there seems to a number of full-time jobs but it's about having the experience, qualifications and luck to get the jobs. I read once there are between 100-300 applications for every customer service position advertised.

    I said to you once cinema is a dying industry but so is retail. It might be different in the US but here in the UK either a retailer is closing down, downsizing, going into administration or is expected to eventually run into problems. The only stores that seem to be doing well are Lidl and Aldi (not sure what's the US equivalent of those stores are). So I would suggest try looking at different industries. I think eventually Amazon is going to destroy the majority of the high street retail industry.

    I think it's always best to sign up to mailing lists form sites like Zip Recruiter and Indeed so you're aware of what jobs are going. I don't think anyone should stay with a company any longer than 5 years. That was one of my mistakes, I stayed with this company for over 10 years and eventually I was made redundant. To be fair to them they gave employees a years notice of the changes and it was really my fault I'm in the mess I'm in right now. Back then I was so comfortable that I didn't start looking for work and was happy to stay until the end which was a big mistake.
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    that's a really interesting topic.
    Depending on the degree I'd say, that you can also be happy that you don't have a worthless degree and tens of thousands of debt.

    Yeah, many western countries have such a comparable "problem". Germany is quite similar.
    Just listen to Stefan Molyneux' podcast, this welfare state messes up EVERYTHING.
    To be honest, I myself have little motivation at the moment to work for this system and get squeezes out. I don't support the current local and Euro politics and I don't want to finance all these "deliberately unemployed" people.
    Ok, maybe it's not that extreme, but it certainly goes in this direction, when I hear from many young people, that they either can't find a job, or don't have motivation to work.[​IMG]

    I wouldn't say that anymore. Maybe for STEM fields, ok. But still, you don't want to end up as a corporate work drone. I have been there and I quit after 3 years.

    Just read more red pill souces, how the modern workplace got skewed with all sorts of affirmative action, etc.

    My recommendation would be to get into trades as there is a gigantic shortage of good craftsmen. And I don't say you should only focus on that. Depending on your type try starting your own business as well.

    You don't need to listen to me, listen to this argument.
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  9. I'm not going to anything to do with red pill. I think that sort of stuff is stupid!
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    Fine with me. You are free to do whatever you want.
    But do you also have some arguments to back up your statement ?

    Red pill is also so much more, than just some (sometimes weird) dating advice.
    I find it really dangerous to dismiss the viewpoints of any big movement like that. (Ok, except the flat earth society maybe xD).
    I recently stumbled upon this channel and this really good intro:

    And his more general view:

    He has also videos with arguments, why college is often bullshit nowadays.

    Concerning jobs, especially as a male you'll have to deal with this nowadays.
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    I'm agreed with @wake_up about going to college has become worthless, especially finding either a part-time or full-time entry level job as a non-college student. I get why millennials nowadays think going to college/university is helping them to get a job after graduate but I don't believe that because there is no many jobs that does not require degree and that's just fucking pointless to think that. Full-time or not, it doesn't require a degree if you are interesting in finding a job with good wage and have bright future ahead of you. A full-time job at the distribution center, grocery store, bookstore, warehouse, or airport still does not require a degree. As I say again, college degree is worthless and you don't need to go to the damn college or university to get a part-time or full-time job. Fucking people are fucking clueless these days.
  13. Well, all I can say full-time jobs I really wanted to apply for required the applicant has a degree. I'm not 'fucking clueless' since I get jobs from a range of different sectors emailed to from about 8 different job sites several times a day so I know what employers are looking for. I also follow trends in the industries and I know what industries aren't doing well and those who are not. Amazon isn't going anywhere and they're likely to destroy the majority of retail companies and AI just might take many warehouse, distribution and driving jobs. Of course, no one can exactly know what will happen in the future but technology is getting smarter and smarter. When I was in my teens mobile phones were bricks and you listen to music on the go via a cd walkman. There are jobs that might not require degrees but they do require extra qualifications.

    I don't think you should have brought red pill in this thread since there's a danger of the thread going off in an off-topic direction, but you brought it up I'm going to respond to your question.

    Reasons why I hate red pill:

    1. The name is stupid. The Matrix is a work of fiction, it's not real. In fact, the story is nothing but confusing nonsense. Who says they're been to Naria? No one because it's not a real place. You'd look at a person strangely if they said they've been to Naria. In fact, maybe The Chronicles of Naria makes more sense than The Matrix since it's representing something.

    2. I left fundamentalist Christianty to get away from such nonsense. I had enough of the conspiracies about the end of the world and the persecution complex being taught every Sunday in the pulpit. Many followers of their religion believe their religion is true but they can't be all true. Just because someone believes something to be true doesn't mean it is. The only thing that gives us undisputed facts is mathematics, even the disciplines of science and history can get things wrong. Not saying everything said by scientists and historians isn't true, what I am saying sometimes they get things wrong. I'd say about 80% of things said by scientists and 90% of what historians say is true but they can make errors and miscalculate things sometimes.

    So if history and science can get things wrong I think it's even more likely some red pill blog or YouTube video can be wrong. They say they're bringing the truth but they're not, they're bringing something they think is true and they could be wrong. I automatically don't believe someone who says they're telling the truth and nothing but the truth. I think even in court cases people we don't get the full truth. In a court case, it's about forming a story so you can get the thing you want. Everyone who swears to tell the truth is lying. So anyone who says they're a truther is being ridiculous because they're not really a truther. In my opinion, anyone who says they're bringing the truth is being arrogant and shouldn't be trusted. It's funny, truthers view the Illuminati as something bad but one reason (if not the only reason) they started was because they were truthers.

    I'm not saying there isn't any truth but we all have an unconscious bias and we should be aware of it. No one knows everything and they could be wrong about the very thing they say is the truth.
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    I agree with @wake_up about college degrees not being necessary for everything. Personally, I would only go back to school and get a degree if I knew I wanted to have a specific career and knew what degree was necessary for that. Otherwise, it could end up being a waste of time and a massive waste of money.

    I was studying psychology at a University, but I left after two years because I realized I wasnt sure if I wanted to work in that field, and it was a very expensive private University, so I didn't want to waste my time and money there until I was sure. I ended up not going back, and now I work as a housekeeper, and my husband and i work together cleaning houses. There are a lot of perks to owning your own business and bring your own boss and we are definitely enjoying them. It's also tough sometimes, but most work is. I'm very happy I didnt continue my education any further, because for me personally, it would have been a waste of time and money. I also ended up writing a novel during what would have been my final semester in college, and that was a lifelong dream of mine to become an author. If I had been in the middle of my senior year and my last set of finals, theres no way I would have had the time or energy to write that book.
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    Do you still work there? Could you work hard and move up to a manager position? Then you would have a full time job. My husband works as a manager at a movie theater, and he had a full time job there before he started cleaning houses with me. Now he works part time on the side until we can build up enough clients for him to quit.
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    Yeah, ok, it may divert the discussion indeed, but I appreciate your answer.
    1. The name red pill. Ok, it's difficult to find a name - and the matrix metaphor was quite convenient. That's all it is, it just means, don't believe everything you're told, dig deeper and think for yourself.
    And especially ignore what the mainstream media & government has to say - they have always some agenda, which is usually not aligned to your economic well-being.
    I don't associate it *only* with this men's rights movement.

    2. I find it quite funny, as you are basically describing a red pill view of the world - or ok, it's more in the skeptic direction. I agree with that ;)
    My point is, you have to be open for new information (even if it's challenging to your current worldview !), to THINK FOR YOURSELF and come to a CONCLUSION for YOURSELF. And this is, was red pill is for me in general.

    Regarding the OP:
    I meant looking at red pill forums etc, as men there are discussing current job opportunities taking into account the current diversity / affirmative action madness. And this leads usually to the craftsman / rougher jobs, etc ...
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    Nope, I quit working there last year and I can say I'm glad I did because the workplace itself was toxic. Underage supervisors, egoistical employees, weak management, low wage, and no yearly rate. I'm working at a better workplace for over a year now.
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    Colleges/Universities are a waste of money and time. Most of the time, they are for STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), as well as law and medicine. I wouldn't want to go because it's still worthless and now I can say I am glad I didn't go after I graduated high school in 2010. High school diploma is mostly necessary for jobs. College degrees? Not so much.

    Apprenticeship >>> College/Universities
  19. I understand what you mean. I have an undergraduate degree from a US university. It was very costly but I'm glad I got it because it gave me access to some jobs that paid well. I studied Public Policy and Management and the course work was an absolute joke because it felt like it was just 1/2 step up from a highschool government class. If I knew what I knew now I would have studied finance or STEM.

    Most of the well paying jobs I had required degrees to be considered but when you really looked at the work, any highly functioning high school graduate could have done what we did. There is some value in having that piece of paper. The employment crisis is so severe that its still really difficult to find a job. The only people who are going to be able to work a It didn't help that I took extended breaks from corporate jobs to compete in MMA and pursue a music career.

    My parents are pushing me to go back to school and get a graduate degreee and I'm considering it but I'm not sure its a smart move. My parents are stuck in the 60's and refuse to admit that America is a country in decline and no longer caters to the middle class or its workers. Our government has been working over time to make it easy for illegal immigrants to move in and undercut the american worker and that is part of what is making it really difficult. I have no issues with immigration as long as our elected officials are committed to taking care of the citizens of this country first but we can see this is the furthest thing from their mind.

    I also checked out an article that talks about how the feminist movement was actually not started by disgrunteled women. Feminism benefits industry because once women entered the workforce, this doubled the size of the American work force which further devalued the demand for labor. This is why wages have stagnated and not kept up with the current cost of living in most states. The average American male in the 1960's made more money that today's American man.
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    I'm post graduate but not from USA still jobless... but i know lots of people who don't have any graduation degree but earning lots of money through online ....degree not doing anything

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